Right from small, medium to large scale organizations, outsourcing Permanent Recruitment Services India is the need of all. The Permanent Recruitment Solutions basically, have become the best channels to find, recruit, assess and select the ideal candidate amongst a pool of qualified applicants. Thus, no matter which industry you belong to, or how big organization you are, recruiting the best talent is certainly important for your business growth. Employees are the pillars of an organization, and if the pillars are strong, you can meet even the most challenging business goals, for sure.


How We Help?

We aim at finding the ‘best fit’ candidate for your business. Thus, we involve with you in deep conversation to get a clear idea on business culture, business goals and working environment. Based on your needs and specifications, our recruiters apply different search techniques to find the perfect match. We use a number of job boards, job portals, internal database, social networks and other platforms to source and generate a pool of deserving candidates. In simple words, we do not want our clients to waste their precious time interviewing the unsuitable applicants. We will be with you throughout the recruitment cycle.


The Process

We believe that apart from having specialist skills, one must follow a streamlined recruitment process, which assures the recruitment of only the most suitable candidates. The same is mentioned below in brief –


1. Understanding Business Needs

First of all, we communicate with the client regarding his corporate culture, business and manpower needs. After complete evaluation of all this, we assign the task to expert recruiters, who commit to deliver high quality output within desired time period.


2. Database Search

Searching the perfect match in our database is the most effective way to meet the deadlines and closing the position with a well deserving candidate. We have a huge number of candidates (from different industries and specializations) in our database, who may prove to be the nonpareil choice for your organization.


3. Advertisements

If the database doesn’t consist of the type of candidate you are looking for, we post engaging advertisements to attract the applicants. Additionally, we also use varied job boards, job portals, social networks and others to inform and lure well-qualified candidates from different geographic regions.


4. Interview

To be very sure about the candidate’s quality, we conduct a telephonic interview. Based on the communication skills, subject knowledge and other parameters, we shortlist some of the candidates and refer them for a direct interview with the client.


5. Final Interview

This is the direct face to face interview with the client, who judges the shortlisted candidates on different set of parameters. The most suited candidate is then, selected by the company and the position is closed.


6. Follow Up

This is one of the most important steps that matters a lot. We follow up with the client as well as the candidate to ensure that satisfaction levels of both the parties are met by a percentage of hundred.


Why Outsource From Us?

We are not the only one recruiter and consultant in the market. There are many. But, we certainly have an edge in the global market and stand unique from rest of the crowd. Hence, if you are looking for recruitment services and solutions, we can be the right platform for you –

Recruit for different profiles, viz. IT professionals, Journalists, air hostess, backend support, accountants etc.
Strong hand in recruiting for language professionals, like interpreters, translators etc.
Professional recruiters on boards with deep market insights
Fastest turnaround
Years of experience in recruitment and consulting services.
Recruit as per your needs, i.e. on permanent, temporary, part-time and contractual basis
Very affordable rates
Honest communication throughout the recruitment cycle


We Work As Ambassadors

We work as your ambassadors, who represent your company to the candidates and make every effort to attract the well-qualified and well-deserving candidates to appear for the interview and get selected for the job. So, if you are looking to associate with the perfect match for your organization, call us at +91-8527-599-523.

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