Finding the best talent is what Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies in India Delhi NCR, strive for. Hence, we follow a streamlined process that helps us source as well as recruit the most deserving candidate for your organization.

Here is the detailed process of the recruitment services
1. Client Interaction

The first step is client interaction, wherein we interact with the client, understand his/her requirements and plan the course of action. Our team makes sure that the client’s needs are understood precisely at the very first time.

2. Searching Candidates

The next step involves searching the candidates, according to the specifications and requirements mentioned by the client. A complete database is maintained, applications are filtered and few deserving candidates are called for an initial round of interview.

3. First Interview Round

The first round of interview is conducted by our team to see if the shortlisted candidates match the requirements of the employer. We generally assess their experience, basic skills and knowledge of the industry. Candidates’ profiles, which seem appropriate, are then shortlisted and recommended for a direct interview with the employer.

4. Final Interview Round

Candidates selected in the previous round, appear in this round for the final interview. The employer judges the candidate on different parameters and if seems appropriate, the candidate gets hired and gets a job offer with an attractive salary package.

5. Follow Up

Last but not the least; our team undertakes a follow up with both the employer and the candidate. This is done to understand and evaluate the satisfaction level of both the parties.

Throughout the process and different stages of it, we make sure that quality and client’s specific needs are the major focus point, in order to provide 100% satisfaction of the client.

So, to recruit the best manpower for your organization, contact us today at +91-8527-599-523.

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