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Capture the favorable opportunity to Write for US (TridIndia HR) that is a creative platform to share articles on translation and human resource industry. The content can be related to buzz, a trend or any thoughts that you might have learned from experience. As a leading HR solution provider, we regularly look for the latest insights by allowing talented people to share their unique perspective. This could be in the copy writing format, multilingual, market research, Human resourced, freelancing, recruiting and other fields.

The guest posting platform invites passionate people around the globe, irrespective of current position, to share the zeal and enthusiasm of language, manpower management and other recommended field.

Opportunity for Blogger/Content To Develop Skill

In this digital world, an informative article plays an important role in engaging and creating awareness of your brand. Becoming consistent in writing will help in developing the blogging skills and copywriting that indeed transforms you into a knowledgeable person. Other than this, one will able to learn various SEO factors related to content marketing, digital marketing, Keyword Research, Product promotion and the latest trend in Industry Hiring. Just in case if you are working in for other companies or self occupied at own blog, then the experience you gain will certainly develop the personal skill and improve the worthiness.

Advantage of writing for Tridindia HR

✓ Gain free Publicity: There is no cost involved in promoting your thoughts. The platform is available submit informative articles and blogs.

✓ Free Web Promotion: It is one of the viable approaches to easily endorse your website and the authoritative back link you gain with each article, provides better promotion.

✓ Boost Your Personality: Submitting the quality content helps in shaping your career. It easily tells about your exceptional thinking, creative imagination and knowledge.

✓ Gain Experience: Article submitted at us creates a long lasting impression about writers. This helps in creating a fruitful scenario to gain experience and one can easily represent their writing skills by showing the links.

✓ Share knowledge: If you think that you have something important to share like research or analytic content then this is the golden opportunity to spread knowledge. Our web portal is being visited by thousands of users and prefect to grab global attention.

Major Topics That We Welcome

You’ll get a privilege to provide sample writing on several topics such as:

Multilingual manpower

Human resource practices

Translation and HR

Bilingual recruiters

Employee engagement

Recruitment approach, finding, facts and latest methods

Motivational tactic

HR to encouraging Tips

Interview advice to fresher or job seeker

Compensation and Benefits management

Training and development approach

Employment and placement specialist

Latest job opportunity and field

HR Consultant

Non-Profit human Resource expert

Training and development

Entrepreneurs and startups

Employee education and skill

Important Guidelines To Follow

There are certain parameters that we strictly follow before approving any content and we request you to compel it.

Though there’s no restriction on word count, but it’s recommended to write an informative article of at least 500 words.

Each of the submitted post should be a unique and origin piece of work. Please note that we’ll not accept any article that is already published.

We request the participants to provide a brief biography, links to Facebook or Twitter and on your website. This provides the best representation of the author, but make certain that biography should be in 2 to 3 lines.

By submitting any post to TridindiaHR, one must agree to accept any editing changes made by behalf of our editorial team. We do not welcome offensive word or statement.

The SEO team will strictly check the website quality before providing any backlinks. If everything is under control, then we’ll surely provide you the backlinks as per your choice.

Last but not the least, do share the live post with friends as it will eventually result higher visit and this make aware of people of your circle.

How To Get Going?

Associating with us is quite hassle-free and all you need to do is send us an email at info@tridindiahr.com with a complete description about yourself, profession and reason to write for us.

Our team will check the mail and notifies you, if accepted, to start submitting articles.

Job Opportunity at Diverse Industry

There are several opportunities that one can explore at us related to translators, interpreters, content writers, industrial sectors or area of expertise. The experienced people at us enroll with companies, budding entrepreneurs, national and international companies for manpower requirement. This creates a unique and mutual link by serving the purpose of both ends. There’s a place of your qualitative, imaginative and creativity proficiency and we help in finding that place in appropriate organization.

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