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Taking immense pride in catering the manpower needs of diverse verticals as one of the top job placement consultants in India Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon and various other cities in India. The foundation of the TridIndia HR Solutions established with a motto to stands for the people, of the people and from the people. We do believe that a team of the talented workforce is the motivational strength behind the success of any organization’s. Hence, our team of dedicated headhunters identify the clients’ specific needs with their in-depth knowledge of manpower and deliver them the best recruiting, consulting and staffing solutions within the desired deadline to complement each one’s needs.

We are firm believers of building a long-term association with our clients by empowering their strength with the brigade of credible personnel with our rich and extensive experience in recruitments who soon be recognized as a company’s fruitful asset. Our team follows the best methodology in the employment industry to flourish the companies soar in their businesses. This, in turn, enables us to be in the good books of our clients which keep motivate us to align the right candidate to meet their ongoing and futuristic recruitment challenges.

What We Focus On?

We follow a standard approach for providing the most efficient consulting services while maintaining the utmost Integrity that eventually brings out the best staffing outcomes to match the expectations of our every esteemed client. Our forte lies in the people orientation and identifies the best from the tons of options to recruit perfect match from our bird-eye; and for this, we focus on certain points that are described as under –

• Strategic implementation of work
• Innovative use of the latest technology
• A proactive approach to mitigating any risks
• Latest trends in HR industry
• Leveraging advanced technology
• Building a pool of talented candidates
• Decode the DNA of candidates
• Adopt modern recruitment procedures
• Respect towards the mission, vision, and goals of the client
• Building relationship with job aspirants and client to promote healthy hiring

In simple words, we strive to deliver optimum talent at your workplace for ensuring greater productivity in terms of your core target achievements. We are driven by the commitment to ensure mitigation of revenue and reduce your overall talent acquisition costs by deploying the right people for the right job in the given timeframe.

Our USP – Recruit the Perfect Match

We believe that happy employees can build more contacts and attract more clients. Hence, we keep our own recruitment team motivated and facilitate them at every stage so that they could serve the clients better. This philosophy helps our expert team to recruit just the perfect match for your organization, which gets translated into increased revenues and productivity at your workplace. We map the skills, knowledge, qualifications, potential, attitude, and aspirations of the candidate against your requirements, to pick the right ‘person’ for you. Also, it gives us immense pleasure to see that the candidate recruited by us growing, performing well more than our expectation and adding value to our clients business.

Why TridIndia HR Solutions?

The primary focus of our recruitment approach is to tap the right job portal for hunting out the exceptional candidates from the industry to decode the DNA of right talents. Once the candidates have been acknowledged we carry out the in-depth interview that goes long across many levels and obtains detail information about the candidate previous background like educational qualification, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits, etc. Our comprehensive way of evaluating the right talent do not compromise on any terms at any stage of the recruitment process. Our motivated recruiters take various factors into consideration like time, cost, employer brand, and advanced selection processes during the hiring stage.

Is your precious time is ruined in screening the bulk of job applications?
Is cost of the job advertisement in different portals affects your bank balance?
Not capable to get the best candidate for your organization?
Are you unable to identify the trustworthy candidate?

If you’re contemplating with above phases, we inculcate best reasons to our clients to put our services into their expectation parameters like:

Save Your Productive Time- Since we are serving the manpower need to the corporates from an era we are well-versed to developed a pool of qualified and screened candidates for their positions of specialization. We filter out all the unqualified candidates and give you the direct access to a wider range of qualified talent without letting you go through the application of every candidate one by one as this will eat your productive time. Partnering with us can quickly cut your costly down time, additional burden on other employees and allows you to remain focused on your business. Time and money are your most important resources, utilized it to your greatest advantage and leave the rest to us.

Fill vacant post instantly- Our recruitment panel assists you with a turnover by selecting suitable candidates, prior to interviews who can substitute the post of your previous employees and handle the work with same dignity and bring out maximum output. We cut the cost and time of training the new employee to justify the post suitably as we already hire the one who is specialized in that particular post.

Reduce Your Business Risk- There is always some amount of risk involved in hiring a new employee while your staff finds, interview, and train a new employee till then you might lose the entire productivity and possibilities are you can lose the big project. In this concern, we take an initiative to protect you from any legal penalties and eliminate the risk of lost productivity, and the risk that you’ll spend your time and effort and still not find a suitable candidate for your organization. With us, you’ll get top-quality employees, without the risks of hiring them yourself.

Reduce Your Operational Expenses- We make sure to shortlist only those candidates who are fledged with years of expertise for your vacant post so that the requirement of trained them is reduced from the roots. Our team of recruitment always stand by your organization to reduce your operational expenses as much as possible and drive revenue as much as we can generate.

We strongly believe in selecting and onboarding the most productive workforce for the benefit of employers and candidates too that can lay a healthy relation among them that last for long.

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