Bharti Mahour


Types of HR Consultancy and What They Do

The HR consulting industry has completely emerged from the previous management consulting source to addressing HR management decisions and tasks. These experts are known to cover two typical roles. One is that of expert resource consultant, and another one is process or people consultant. Depending on the core role of the HR consultant, the roles are subject to change along

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Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Jobs In The Future?

  Understanding Artificial Intelligence A few days back artificial intelligence driven humanoid robot named Sophia was very much in news. Saudi Arabia awarded it an honorary citizenship and this is something which we never anticipated to happen. However, robots and other humanoids are successfully engaged in activities like shop floor management and other multifaceted jobs. They are the live examples

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5 Vital Expectations of Your Manager Want from You in the First 90 Days of Your Job

Getting success in any job is really a great challenge for every candidate to prove fit to work. So, you must have to prove your strength throughout first 90 days of new role in job. If you are selected on a basis of your interview for highest level management, at that time your boss will really expect a lot of

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How To Correct The Five Mistakes You Make During An Interview

Many of you might have faced this problem after giving your interview: You give a great interview and yet, you are not selected despite fulfilling all the qualification and requirements for the job. It then becomes imperative for you to find out the reason as to why you did not get selected despite being a promising candidate. Here are some

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