Gaurav Singh


Why HR Placement Companies May Be Right for You

It has been a rather common practice for most of the companies to employ some full-fledged HR departments for taking care of employee based hiring needs. But, not every company is comfortable with in-house team as that calls for extra monetary investments. So, they are currently outsourcing HR placement companies to find the right candidates for business growth. These HR

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How can HRIS be a friendly platform for the human resource function?

Globalization has eliminated geographical barriers to a great extent.  Now, companies are penetrating all across the world and no longer restricted to traditional methods of management.  Stress is given on sophisticated and customized techniques to rise constantly. The fact that human resource plays an important role in organization’s success, the focus is on strategic management. Now the human resource department

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Best freelance work that college students can take to earn and learn

Freelance jobs are the best options for the college students who want to manage their free time in a productive way. Students who are pursuing their degree courses can earn money and experience without missing their classes, assignments or exams. They are better than part-time jobs in terms of flexibility. So what are the options available you could do without

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4 Facts to Know Before You Start Hiring For Your Startup

Every startup needs right talent for its growth. But, before you start hiring your first employee, have you ever thought about how the candidate can be a success for your company? Well, making a rapid hiring decision is not always the best decision, while the startup is just in its initial phase. Such a company has limited resources and it

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