Manju Verma


The Role Of HR Consultants: What You Actually Need To Know

The Human Resource department is known to be held responsible for maintaining some of the solid communication between administration and employees. Starting from regulating the federal guidelines on discrimination practices to even hiring and even terminating employees, the experts are here to offer you help big time. The HR professionals are asked to perform various types of tasks related to

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Top 10 Employee Retention Strategies You Should Know

It’s very difficult for every employer when one of the best talents leave right away. Not only HR managers have to search replacement for such a dedicated employee but this departure leaves an impact on rest of the team members. As skilled professionals are hard to find whenever talented team resigns, employees working around notice. Some will start thinking if

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How To Extracurricular Activities Enhance Your Qualities Of Resume

Now you have got an entry in the college or university of your personal choice but the bigger question is that is it adequate for you? With very comprehensive competition on the educational forward-facing along with the job market, it is most vital that in present day just to achieve that further verge in your personality. To assist you to

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What Are The Job Negotiation Tips To HR At The Final Interview Round?

Are you a step away from getting your dream job? if that’s the case then you must know the Job negotiation tips to HR to get selected at the final interview round. Getting a job and negotiating about the salary is something that each and every individual has to go through. Your tactic and justificationin front of the Human Resource

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