5 Mobile Apps Every HR Should Use To Make Their Work Easy

HR (Human Resource) has been going through an extensive transformation over the past decade. The HR manager and professional are now emerging as a strategic partner in the corporations. From employing to performance management, they do a wide range of tasks.

It can become problematic to rearrange things like payroll concerns, employee benefits, and interoffice conflicts as companies nurture. But technology has given HR department a new face.

HR managers now have access to more data than ever before to help them make key hiring decisions and a number of great apps have emerged to help them get maximum output in the world of digitization.

HR has a comprehensive role in the most liberal companies.

The objective of this section is to drag your attention towards the top 5 mobile applications that can help every HR manager and HR executive do their jobs more commendable.


Making conference calls and joining with people poles apart has become common. The ones, who have been in a conference call from a company, must have experienced the trouble of connecting and reconnecting calls, people linking mid-session, inaudible voice and whether people are still connected or not. Well, Uber Conference has come up to make you abandon from these troublesome days.


● It is free Web client based architecture.

● Just log in to the website, dial a number and you are linked.

● You can share the number with people who you want to connect with on the call.

● There is no requirement of any PIN, just a normal Google Sign-up would work.

● The number of the people who are connected, is displayed on the dashboard

● Sharing of documents is stress-free

● Screen-sharing facility.

● Can view the social profile of people over the call.

● Can support up to ten people on a single call.

● Call recording feature in-built, in case you need to take reference regarding something, or jot down notes.

● HR professional’s, who occasionally need to talk over concerning company’s benefit with different people, can make usage of this free application.


Belong is the application that help people to reach their desired job effortlessly, a work that they not only be worthy but would love to do. It helps in mostly cross referencing the job demands and assets of the companies with those on the interests and abilities of the potential employees. This makes the win-win situation possible for both company and the employee-to-be.


●It fundamentally focuses on the outbound hiring.

● Belong cross-checks whether there is a need for relying on CVs, which might be exaggerated or out-dated or similar to other candidates.

● It has a ‘curated search engine’ that matches profiles over approximately all social hiring stands recurring only the best matching applications for the corporation.

● Furthermore, in the field of technology, hospitality, FMCG, Pharma, insurance, and finance, belong has recently presented a first of its kind process that can support companies in hiring quality professionals for sales and marketing roles.

● Belong makes your search intelligent.

● Belong Picks examines your existing and past employee statistics to classify people who are most similar to your high-performing employees.

● Appropriate candidate is just a click away.

● Organizes your methodology.

3. Yammer – Work Smarter, Work Together

Yammer is an enterprise social networking service which allows you to make a specific group within a department which means this website is designed for inter-agency private communication. It is a social network that entirely focuses on your business. The principal idea is to facilitate group effort within the workplace. The external networks can also be built to permit non-employees, such as customers, partners, and vendors, to connect with your company.


● Yammer is essentially an organic acquaintance fount of facts and idea sharing.

●Yammer consents its clients to craft several project-based clusters to discuss different projects and move laterally more rapidly.

● It is a tool where people can openly and securely share information.

● It is making the source rapid and with more effortlessness by cutting out middle-man and cutting down on emails.

● Yammer works seamlessly, wherever you are by not limiting you to your desktop.

● The basic services will be rendered to the customers free of cost, but accessing some improved features of the application might require reimbursing the software production company.

4. Google Keep – Save The Things Instantly

When all the companies are pulling their socks, how can the tech-giant Google remain behind the lines? So, here is one tremendously beneficial note-taking service from Google offering the HR executive’s to jot down key reminders, create custom to-do lists, voice notes, bring about agendas, and save a number of handy file formats used in everyday life all on a single screen.


● Google keep app comprises a highly complimented feature of real time note sharing preference among users.

● Google keep is nothing less than a boon for HR executives who tend be unable to summon up some essential work thing here and there.

● It is praised for its color coding feature over the notes, which regardless of seeming to be juvenile, was in fact very time-saving. If you take notes about diverse subjects or categories, this is a great technique to keep track visually.

● To re-write words from pictures or printed materials are not typically entertaining or reckless but Google Keep can transliterate text from images, so you do not have to.

● Are you tired of typing everything every time? It helps you to take audio notes. Record the ideas as they stream out of your mouth into the world.

● It helps to archive the notes saved instead of deleting it.

● It also helps you to switch back and forth between your cell phone and desktop.

5. Rescue Time – Ideal Work‑Life Balance.

Rescue Time is excellent time-saving software for those who spend maximum of their time on laptops or personal computers and over and over again end up on social websites. This application provides you the access to evaluate your tasks on a computer at the end of the day and learn from your faults. These day-to-day enhancements would sooner or later, support a user, devote time more resourcefully on a computer.


● Rescue time helps you block access to disrupting websites which pop-up while you are working on your desktop.

● It helps you track offline actions. Few chunks of your day cannot be logged inevitably. Rescue time helps you log offline time for meetings, phone calls or even your morning substitute.

● With the help of this application you can generate alerts to let know about anything.

● Rescue Time gives you an exact depiction of your workday. It helps you set daily or weekly goals and take actions upon going through them in future if you want.

● It will support you to observe the time spent on diverse sort of websites namely – Communications, Business, News, Social Media, Software Development, Entertainment etc.


James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a cmobile app development company in India.


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