7 Steps In The Recruitment And Selection Process Of The Sales Department

Recruiting a sales manager, software engineer, HR head, etc can be a daunting process for many MSME organizations, and start-ups. This might happen because these small businesses might not be able to set out a separate recruiting department due to reasons like budget, cost-cutting, need-based hiring policy etc. No worries as they can always contact the professional recruiters working with a sales recruitment agency or any other recruitment agencies.

Recruiting is still the most important task for any organization, however recruiting for the sales department is the most crucial one. Yes, you might have the best product and services, however, they are all useless without an active and effective sales department. So today we are going to discuss those top 7 steps in the recruitment and selection process of the sales department.

Take a close look at this and don’t let your attention go away for a second if you are looking to hire top sales professional in the near term or even long term.

Defining the Role

Following a proper recruitment process will for sure land you with the right man for the job. Now since you have decided that you are going to hire someone the best option is to find someone that gives his heart and soul to the company. However, before you rush out looking for such a passionate person you need to define the role of the job. It is important that you think carefully what the role is, what is the requirement for the job, how does your chosen candidate benefit you in the future.

Ask yourself these questions before you start looking for a candidate. You can also use the job description template to clarify the purpose, task, and responsibilities of the job to the candidates. Always remember this is about the job and the candidate.

Ideal Employee

The next step is to build an imaginary profile of the ideal person to fill the position. Again you have the template available to help you figure this out. A person specification will help you undertake a simplified and improvised selection and interview process in a systematic way. With the image of an ideal person in your mind, you will easily be able to sort out the candidates. This will also help you in selecting a person who will easily be able to adapt to your company’s work environment. This is a crucial point to be looked in your ideal candidate as no how good they are in the end they would have to collaborate with others. So work on finding the points you will be looking for in your candidate.

Attracting Applicants

Now since we know who we are looking its time to begin our search. Well, it’s not as people will just start popping out of nowhere for the job. For this to happen you need to let the candidates know about this job opportunity. So think about where you can advertise to attract a wide number and good quality of applicants. You should aim to get the best result at the lowest cost. We would recommend to go for social media marketing, Advertising on your official website, google ads and other modes of paid advertisement. We would also highly recommend you to contact a sales recruitment agency if you want the recruitment process to be handled by the professionals.

Apart from the advertisement you also have to consider the advert itself. An effective job advert sells the position and the job itself. This is especially important for small businesses as the company name might not be well known. Make sure to keep the advert short and descriptive, and not discriminatory avoiding gender, religion, case, race-specific language. This could have a negative effect on your companies reputation.

So make sure to undertake a proper advertising campaign for your companies vacant posts.

Selecting The Right Candidate

Now, this is the most important step of the recruiting process, you don’t want to miss this step up. So first draw up your selection criteria to judge the candidates. It is also a good idea to create a checklist for the candidates based on the essential or the desirable skills and experience required. Use this checklist to access how closely candidates match to the job and the person specification. The blueprint of the ideal employee will really be helpful here.

You may want to ask your business advisor or a business college or professional of a sales recruitment agency to assist you with the selection and the interview process. This will help you make sure that you are not biased with any candidate. It is really helpful to have someone who is trained with matters of equality and diversity issues on the selection panel.


After you have shortlisted your candidates you will have to invite them for the final round of the selection process. That’s right its interview, well you can simply officially mail all the candidates regarding the time and venue of the interview process.

Now in the interview process, you need to make sure that the candidates get equal opportunity to present themselves in the front of the panel. To demonstrate their suitability and to freely respond to the interviewers question it is important that you provide them with a free and friendly environment.

Interview Questions

Well, this is it, this is the final last round of the selection process. You will have to make your decision here whether to select the candidate or not. So it is extremely important that you clear all your doubts about the candidate’s knowledge regarding the skills that we will be needing to work in your company. Also make sure to properly assist his character, lifestyle hobbies and other regular activities he might love to do. There is only one purpose behind it to judge whether the candidate will be able to adjust to the company’s work environment or not.

Job Offer

This is the last step in the recruitment process for the sales department. When you have finally decided which candidate will become your permanent employee. Its time to officially contact with him the candidate and let his know that he succeeded. Although we would recommend that you hire or contact at least two people together. After all, no one knows, maybe this time you get rejected by the candidate. It’s always beneficial to have a backup plan ready in your pocket.



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