Best freelance work that college students can take to earn and learn

Freelance jobs are the best options for the college students who want to manage their free time in a productive way. Students who are pursuing their degree courses can earn money and experience without missing their classes, assignments or exams. They are better than part-time jobs in terms of flexibility. So what are the options available you could do without putting your studies at risk? There are many freelancing opportunities which you can consider as per your priorities.


Online Tutor

A student can find it comfortable to teach any subject they are good at. There are several online teaching websites where you can register yourself and earn well by taking regular sessions. Even you can upload course related videos. Depending upon your comfort level, you can teach students of different levels without leaving your home. The best thing is that you can do it from your home and even as per your convenience. You can take tuition classes in morning or whenever you are free and use your education in the best way to earn extra money. You can look for tutor jobs in classifieds or advertisements and contact them.


Graphic Designer

If you are interested in design, it can help in utilizing your skills in a right way at a free time. Students who are doing graphic designing courses can look for freelance opportunities in advertising and marketing sectors. You can also get designing projects online to make easy money. Knowledge of Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, Dreamweaver, will be good enough to grab freelancing projects.


Online marketer

With the increasing dependence on e-commerce platforms, companies are looking for youths who can join their online marketing team and promote their B2B and B2C businesses. Those students who want to make a career in marketing can gain experience and learn new social media marketing techniques.


Content writer or Blogger

If you are good at writing you can try various kinds of freelance writing jobs as content, travel, technical or blog writer. Mass communication students can write or post blog when they are free and enjoy the flexibility in terms of work hours and prospects in this fields. If you have an inborn talent and play with word engage yourself in online blogging. There are several freelance sites where you can search for writing jobs and to name it are iFreelance, Freelance Writer’s Den, Elance, Craigslist, and oDesk. If you have good command in language, you can become a freelance editor.


Website developer

There is increasing demand for website development to meet the global business objective. This creates an opportunity for the freelancers who can develop customized websites for e-commerce businesses. Programming skills can help in developing websites for companies who want to make an online presence.



If you are language enthusiast, you can think of taking up translation projects. Today, translators are in great demand and need for translating websites, marketing collaterals, agreements, proposals, and many more.


Online surveys

Many market research firms pay you good for expressing your views. You all need is a personal computer to get going. These are easy and simple jobs for any student studying in college.



If you are nature lover or love capturing pictures, you can sell your pictures online and make money. You can upload your photographs to websites like ShutterStock, DreamsTime, PhotoStockPlus, iStockPhoto, and Crestock. Companies use these photos by buying the rights.


Tourist guide

Students of tour and travel management can enjoy working in tourismss sector by becoming a tourist guide.

College students can stick to tutor or programmer freelancing jobs, there are still lots of option in and around your college campus.


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