The Best Social Media Recruitment Strategies in 2019

There has been an upsurge in the significance of social media virtual assistant in the recruitment industry. As per a recent report, 92% of recruiters nowadays use social media to find the top talent for all kinds of positions.

Since finding the best candidates is not easy, one great tool that comes handy in this situation is social media. To ensure you are able to identify skilled and talented professionals in your field using social media, here learn the finest social media recruitment strategies for 2019.

Establish a Strong Online Reputation of Your Company

Social media can be an effective tool to present your company’s corporate values. This is an excellent way to develop an emotional connect with the millennial searching for online information. With social media, you can present your business proposal in the finest way.

Hence, you can plan effective recruitment with social media by being active online and establishing yourself as an authority in the desired field. Since potential employees tend to be active on such channels, so selecting the right social platforms can help you hire the best talent.

Establish Connection with the Correct People

Create industry-specific profiles and connect with the industry leaders, who are experts in the field and have experience in the niche specialization. You can follow the individualized approach and send tailored messages to build a strong community online.

Communicate people in an authentic way, appeal to their interests, tell your offerings, and offer the candidates with valuable information. You can also follow professional copywriting and create content so that you can maintain high levels of social engagement.

Live Video Streaming is Great

Social media tools such as periscope offer you innovative and wonderful chances to engage with your audience as well as professionals in your industry. Periscope is an excellent channel that allows live streaming with the engagement of the audience. Potential candidates are interested to know about behind the scenes footage and with Periscope it is very easy to customize live stream.

You can just not tailor the content to target people of a specific group but you can also make modifications based on your client’s feedback. Also, you can hold Periscope sessions every week or two times a month. This is an excellent way to build a great audience and engage the passive candidates.

Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Working on your LinkedIn profile is another important thing you need to do it is because around 87% of users use LinkedIn. This makes it a top social network to select the most suitable and skilled candidates.

An important thing to do is updating your LinkedIn profile frequently. This can be done by updating the first 200 characters. An updated LinkedIn profile is more visible to the users and they get to know that you are looking for new employees. Anyone who is interested can directly contact you and explore the available opportunity. Additionally, you can explore the LinkedIn Pulse option by updating it with an article of your interest.

Use the Correct Hashtags

With hashtags, it is possible to increase the scope of your message in social media. The finest way is to identify Facebook, Instagram or Twitter hashtags which job seekers are following. Just remember, you pick hashtags that are specific to your industry. If you are unable to find relevant hashtags then you can create your own and make them trending.

Make sure you offer meaningful content, which people are interested to share. Always double check before initiating a new tag. Make sure your tag is unique and relevant to your brand. Most importantly, don’t overdo it and hence focus on promoting that single hashtag, which is linked to your recruitment strategy.

Use Instagram to Showcase Fun Side of Your Corporate Culture

Instagram can be used to show the fun side of your corporate culture. Nowadays it is not necessary for the recruiters to be professional and serious all the time. The present generation has more specific needs and if you are searching for similar candidates then setting up an Instagram profile can be a great deal.

Instagram has a massive talent pool and by announcing the post you are recruiting for, you can accomplish your goal.

Take Help of Your Employees if Needed

Social media is all about maximizing your reach and spreading your business message. For this, you can always involve your employees in the recruitment process. Ask your employees to share a recruitment ad through their social media profiles, and undoubtedly there will be massive results.

Furthermore, you can define a corporate social media policy to make it easier for your employees to spread the correct message to the interested candidates. Just be careful while using this social media strategy as it can help you build a strong social media presence.

Plan Social Media Advertising

If you are not able to get the desired results through organic efforts, then consider social media paid advertising. They are quite similar to paid advertisements in Google search. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all these platforms offer the opportunity to use paid ads.

The best thing about social media advertising is that it is cost-efficient and you can always modify the campaign easily with the help of a Social Media Virtual Assistant. Try to plan a campaign where multiple social platforms can be used to deliver the best results to expand reach as well as targeting.

Keep Potential Candidates Engaged with Multiple Techniques

While the above steps will help you establish a strong social media reputation for your company, it is equally important to keep the potential candidates engaged. The great news is that there are numerous social media tools, which you can use in this context.

You can send direct messages and let the candidates know about the recruitment opportunities of your company. Also, you can use video calls, share useful content, and perform effective personalization to keep talented professionals within your desired network.

Keep Tracking Candidates on Social Media

Finally, use social media to find more information about people interested in your announced vacant positions. Being active on social media platforms can help you get real information about the candidates, including information which you may not be able to review during interviews.

Social media is an excellent way to perform a background check of the interested employees.

Final Verdict

These are only some of the social media recruitment strategies, but the options are endless. Remember, it takes time to build a strong presence on any of the social channels, and hence, it is always best to hire an experienced social media virtual assistant who can help you get the desired goals in the shortest time frame.


Alex Jone is in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.


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