Global Business Growth Not Possible Without Translation Services

‘Information Society, ‘Global Village’, ‘Electronic Highway’ and the list goes on for the many similar terms that are often used to convince people that the world has become smaller with the advent of Internet and other digital technologies. Today you can send hundreds of photographs from Tokyo or a small community in Tunisia in a matter of seconds. You can go on a virtual world tour sitting in the comfort of your homes or sell a product made in Africa to customers in the United States on Amazon, eBay and other similar platforms. The world has indeed become a smaller place. While geographical borders and distances may not have changed in real sense people and businesses from around the globe have definitely come closer to one another. Having said so there is a huge barrier that still remains and you may have guessed it right, its LANGUAGE.

A successful business in the United States can’t make inroads into China without breaking the language barrier. This is the reason translation service is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world employing millions of people who ensure businesses can communicate with their audience seamlessly and language is no longer a barrier between good products and potential customer. Sadly these services aren’t given due credit for having made the global economy as vibrant as it is now where the best products and services from one part of the world can easily be enjoyed everywhere else. Translation services have somewhat remained as unsung heroes much like legal services and accounting services that no business can do without and yet they don’t shower praises upon these important cogs in the wheel.

What isn’t stated often is that there would be no global business without translation services. Think of any global business or even regional ones that have to operate in multi-lingual countries. Without translation services they won’t survive. A product bearing all its information in English or any other language can’t hope to make deep inroads into a market where majority of the population don’t read or write that language. Pull the plug on translation services and several businesses may even need to wrap up their operations in faraway economies. Without someone to deliver the message in a language that end users understand there is no way that businesses would be able to overcome the communication barrier.

Why Global Businesses Need Translation Services?

In simple words – language is a barrier and a big barrier? No company irrespective of the quality of its products and services are can successfully step into the global economy without seeking help from translation agencies. In an earlier era most businesses would enter into different countries under the B2B model where language used to be a slammer barrier that would often be overcome with the help of an interpreter. However most businesses these days are directly selling to the consumers under the B2C model where overcoming the challenge isn’t possible by hiring an interpreter. This is where translation services become important and decide the success of any new business in a different community. They help in bridging the gap between businesses and their potential customers. Overcoming the language barrier allows a foreign company to establish a stronger appeal among the local customers and enhances the client-business relationship. Over time people tend to identify with these foreign brands and treat them much like local brands.

Global Business Piggybacking on Translation Services

Going global has been the success mantra in the world of business over the last three decades or so and it is often seen as the best means of ensuring growth and profits. Billion dollar enterprises have been constantly focusing on going out to unchartered territories and reaching out to smaller communities that remained away from the radar of technological developments and access to state-of-the-art products and services. The story has been the same for small businesses from across the world. After having created a foothold in their local economies these companies are increasingly focusing on reaching out to newer territories and introducing their unique products in virgin markets. Thus for every iPhone that is being sold in Tanzania the country’s coca seeds are tantalizing the taste buds of chocolate lovers from around the world.

And all these businesses from the high rollers such as Apple, Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson to the smaller businesses and startups from around the world are piggybacking on translation services. From product manuals to product labels everything is being translated in hundreds of languages around the world. While English might still remain the language for global commerce and trade businesses have understood the importance of localization when reaching out to the masses. When a business communicates in the native language it has more odds of success.

Ecommerce’s Growth Is a Success Story

If one wishes to study the importance of translation services in global business and how it has created new opportunities ecommerce’s success tell the story. In the recent years ecommerce players have been one of the biggest clients for translation services. With physical barriers having been broken with better connectivity and free trade agreement between different economies language was the final barrier that needed to be broker. There are several ecommerce stores that are selling the same products across different countries around the world all thanks to translation services. Once ecommerce companies create strong footprint in their native market they immediately move to capture new markets relying on the services of translation agencies.

Beyond Language And Grammar…

One of the most common myths around translation services is the fact that these people simply translate one language to another. It is okay for a book to be translated that way or even for a legal agreement between two businesses to be translated word to word (though this isn’t the case in reality) but when it comes to introducing a new product into a new market its as much about embracing the new language as it is about embracing the new culture. A French company can’t approach the customers in United States of America the same way as it had done in Australia though both these countries speak the same language.

There is need for a better understanding of the culture and the people before businesses go global and this is where professional translation services can help you. These agencies don’t merely translate one language into another but make sure that the message is delivered in a convincing way and meet the goal it is intended for. This isn’t something one of those online translation tools can do for you. We say this irrespective of the development that online translation tools have been through in the recent years.

To sum up the world of business has become truly globalized. The only barrier that still remains is the language and you can easily overcome it using translation services. Without translation services there would be no globalization or kind of success we have seen with free trade economy. Translation and localization services have been the bedrock of the global economy for the last many decades and if you are planning to go global you should not delay embracing them.

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