Grab Your Job Opportunity With A Perfect Resume Application

A resume is the 2 or 3 page format written document that summaries all about job seeker. It is tells about your work experience, education, skills and achievements. It is required at the time of job and thus it is the part of job application letter, it considered the vital information which should be known by the employer or the hiring manager. This is important for hiring manager so it should be find out that the applicant is suitable for the job or not. This is helpful in screen out the applicant for the job.

A well-organized resume will make an applicant to applicable for the job on the other hand poor resume will lost in the bundles of applicants. So the information in the resume should be in order. It start with the name and ends with your signature.

Guidelines for resume

  • Length of the resume: it should not be long it must be concise in length, 2 pages are enough for the resume.
  • Fonts and size:  the font should be that one which is readable by everyone. And size should be like that heading should be broader that the body. The headings should be highlighted. And it should be bold also.
  • Layout: it is up to you that which layout you will choose to make your resume weighted.
  • There should be no grammatical error in the resume this will create bad impression in front of the recruiter.

The resume should be of same size same margin should be left on all the sides. The font for the resume should be same and it should look good In view. The font should be understood by everyone.

Points to be cover in resume

  • Personal information – name, address, email address, phone number. All the information should be correct and up to date. The information must be true so that the person can contact you any time.
  • Career Objective – if you are a fresher that you must write your career objective in short sentence of two or more line the objective should not be copied from other because two people doesn’t have the same career objective so it should be unique. And if you are experience holder than career objective is no much important you have to write the summary about your experience from the job. What you have learnt from the job should be mentioned.
  • Qualification –your academic qualification should be mentioned after career objective and the recent qualification should be mentioned first. Write everything about your academic qualification (college, board, university & percentage).
  • Work Experience– if you have experience that you should mentioned it in the resume the recent experience should e mentioned above. It includes the job title, name and location of the organisation, and dates of start and end. this should also include by  responsibilities of the earlier job
  • Additional Information – in this heading you should write about your skills your achievements, conference attended, your interest and about your certifications. This should also include about the known language and the computer language. And hobbies and interest should be added in the additional information. Write brief about the skills which you have.
  • Language – the one who is going to study abroad must know the English language because English is the universal language and it is known by all. So that no barrier comes in the way to live in abroad.
  • It’s always a good to write two to three references in your resume. The whose name is written in the resume you should take permission and write their contact details also  Otherwise, write this line “References available on request”.


Do and don’ts of resume-



  • Update your resume with recent knowledge – resume should be edited with recent knowledge, experience which you have gain. Your resume should be up to date.
  • Highlight your tech skills – always highlight the technical and software skills. These skills should be useful for the employer than only this attracts the employer.
  • Highlight your achievements – your achievements an award should be highlighted. If your achievements are important to this job than that should be in bold so that it should be catches the eye of reader.
  • Give contact details about your reference – so that if the job giver what to talk to reference than reference should be available. And these contact details should be correct and true. And you must take permission of the reference before putting their name as reference.
  • Determine the objective and objective should be unique and yours only it should not be copied from others.
  • Proofreads your work – revise your work whatever you have written in the resume should be revised twice before forwarding it to employer..



  • Don’t misrepresent your resume whatever you write in your resume it should be correct and up to date. You should be honest while preparing your resume.
  • Don’t get too personal apart your personal life from professional life. Write whatever required in the resume don’t get too personal. An interviewer doesn’t have any  interest in your personal life so do not get to much personal.
  • Don’t copies others objective because two people don’t have the same career objective. Write your own career objective. One should have their own and unique career objective so this should not be copies from others. The interviewer come across many resumes they can easily judged that where this resume is copied.
  • Don’t use the fonts for format which is not understood by others. Use the easy font so that there could no hurdles come across in your journey.
  • Use your professional phone number or email address don’t use your personal email addresses. It look so childish while using personal email and this also create negative impact.
  • The information should not be in paragraph. This will create boredom so its better to write in points or use of bullets.


Resume summary

The main aim of the summary is to trap the reader and encourage them to keep reading.



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