Skills Needed for Linux System Administrator

Linux has developed into a top operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smart phones and consumer electronics. With Linux being one of the vital operating systems for much of the world’s IT infrastructure, Linux is an indispensable thing for people working in IT.

Without a doubt, Linux is one of the easiest operating systems. Its hosting space is low-priced and the database is an open source. A good number of people choose Linux servers for hosting and other web application functions. Since its start, Linux has developed to turn out to be a top choice in computing and it is capable of powering everything from mobile phones, supercomputers to a lot of other consumer devices.

Linux System Administration

Linux system administration is one of the most essential and important skills in IT. A Linux administration job is one of the most well-paid and rewarding job opportunities in the job market in recent times. The majority of small scale and big scale enterprises are looking for experts who can handle their Linux systems effectively.

In the present day, there is a scarcity of Linux system administrators across the world as a result of the quick acceptance of Linux. If you are looking for becoming an expert in Linux system administration, you need proper training so as to aid you to set up a fresh Linux IT career. You can enjoy a flourishing career in Linux system administration if you gain the knowledge and skills that people are seeking out from you.

Linux System Administrators Duties and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of Linux system administrators are many and diverse in an organization. The Linux system administrator duties and responsibilities play a crucial role in the organization. Linux system administrator is in charge for carrying out some major duties in a firm. The most important duties and responsibilities of a Linux system administrator include installing the server system, doing configuration updating, operating and maintaining the system hardware as well as software. Linux system administrator is accountable for dealing with the failures in the system.

Linux system administrator is a professional who should be able to troubleshoot and keep up the servers, the user accounts, and security, etc. He has to manage the disk space and the backup. Linux system administrator should be capable of modifying the contents of the file and reset new passwords. Linux system administrator has got to continuously verify and keep an eye on the special services and security of the servers as well. He has to take part in designing, implementing, securing and preserving the computer systems for its test, development and production environment.

The following are some of the important roles and responsibilities of a Linux system administrator:

• Installs, configures, and preserves Linux operating systems.

• Examines and resolves troubles related with the operating system’s servers, hardware, applications, and software.

• Discover and explore the problems that obstruct the performance of the system.

• Work in close with the product development team and suggest the solutions for the problems that impede the performance of the system.

• Perform all the backing up duties that are integrated, but not restricted to code deployment, handling source control systems, virtual servers, scripting, etc.

• Consider and discover the inconsistencies in the system.

• Evaluate the risks, and put into practice solutions by sticking to the safety standards.

• Take part in writing and revising scripts for application operations and system screening.

• Play a part in developing and managing the backup, replication, grouping and fail over tactics

• Take charge of systems performance and make sure compliance with security standards.

• Maintain the network setting as well as the strength of the network and servers.

It is always a great thing if you have the desire and dream to turn into a professional Linux system administrator. The scope and demand for professional Linux system administrator is huge in the modern IT job market. With the coming of the Cloud Linux and the extensive utilization of Linux from mobile phones to big enterprises, it was only certain that people are searching for people who can effectively manage Linux system.

Hiring managers and companies around the world will test the skills, expertise and knowledge of the candidates’ before hiring them. You need a list of skills and proper qualifications before you can apply for the position of Linux system administrator. You need to have at least a few skills connected to Linux that hiring managers give value to. Here are some of the most important skills that every Linux system administrator should have:

Basic Knowledge about Linux

Specific knowledge about Linux is a boon and it will help you to attract the attention of hiring managers with ease. Nearly all hiring managers need that you to have basic knowledge regarding all features of Linux. You should have basic knowledge about Solaris, BSD, nginx or a variety of features of Linux.

Linux Certification

Linux certification is essential for you to become a professional Linux system administrator. You require a bachelor’s degree in an associated field of Linux. People may need a Linux certification such as Red Hat and should be acquainted with standard concepts, practices, and procedures in the field.

Drive to Learn

Linux system administrator should have the potent drive to learn thing every time. He should remain up to date with the present knowledge in Linux system and have to be in charge for assessing the hardware and software technologies. He must be prepared to learn new things and put into practice the most recent technologies that would assist the organization to grow.

Perform a Variety of Tasks

Linux system administrator should have the skill to perform a variety of tasks within a set deadline. He should have the skills to plan and accomplish goals. He also has to carry out a variety of tasks and work under general supervision. A certain amount of creativity and flexibility is essential.

Other vital skills

• Linux system administrator should be a hard worker who is highly stimulated, detail oriented, flexible and keen to follow the instructions given by his superior.

• Linux system administrator has to enjoy exceptional interpersonal skills and should be comfy with working in a team environment.

• Linux system administrator has to work independently and keep up outstanding customer service skills.

• Linux system administrator should be skilled to identify the system issues and solve them in an efficient manner.

• Linux system administrator should work under pressure, under any challenging situations.

• Linux system administrator should posses the skill to react to and prioritize the incoming work as per the strict deadlines.


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