How Time and Attendance Management Software Saves Time for Construction Workers

Managing remote construction employees without a time and attendance system is daunting. There are many challenges that leaders must deal with each day at construction sites which other industries have not yet faced. Construction organizations deal with a mobile workforce, and they should continuously adjust with new staff at new locations.

Moreover, they must handle their regular duties of building work schedules to meet the requirements of every project, track working hours, vacation time taken, as well as overtime logged for an individual employee.

Construction industries should also handle the multiple levels of workers and which employee group requires which type of training, skills, and certification to perform the tasks that take place on-site. Safety is also a major concern as firms must make sure that only the proper employees have access to the job site.

It is not a simple set of circumstances for a construction leader in managing, especially when the traditional approach of doing so was more manual work. But today, construction firms can handle all these tasks more securely and more effectively than ever before by leveraging time and attendance management software.

Advantages of Leveraging Time and Attendance System

Managing time and attendance data manually is no longer considered a good thing in today’s construction world. What organizations need is a fully automated HR solution that helps them manage, gather, and process employee time in a better way.

Construction firms no longer need to set up a shop at the site with manual clocking system that results in incorrect time reporting, enhanced labor costs, and administrative errors. Instead, time and attendance solution can be leveraged to offer construction organizations with a wide range of easy to use and mobile technology software that streamlines the process for workers as well as leaders.

Employees can be assigned a particular pay rate and normal working hours via the software that can be applied to specific working hours throughout the week for payroll. When workers clock-in and clock-out of work, the solution can track and report the information automatically and create accurate and error-free data for payroll.

No matter where the employees are – office, construction site, or on the move, they can sign in and out through automated human resource management software, which is easily accessible from smart devices.

Hidden Benefits of Forecasting and Scheduling

Construction firms must build the most effective schedule which streamlines output and limits expenses as much as possible. Time and attendance platform make this extremely complicated task much easier. Supervisors and leaders can access an overview of their complete workforce, broken down by skill set or job site so they can build the work schedule that their job site requires.

It minimizes the pressure associated with creating schedules which can, at times, result in projects exceeding budget or being understaffed. Integrating requested and approved time off, leaders can forecast where they may have workforce shortages in the long run, to avoid delay in a project or cause a task to fall behind. All these make the job site and administration more efficient.

Legal Compliance

Errors that are made monitoring time and paying staff can cost construction firms loads of money, time, and legal penalties as well. By leveraging an HR time and attendance management solution, construction organizations can minimize their potential liability significantly and help eliminate errors as well.

Such companies often must deal with a workforce which is at least partially union-based that needs them to adhere to strict contractual arrangements. Moreover, like other organizations, they should also make sure that they are not violating any laws.

Sometimes, administrative errors can cause an organization not to remain compliant and as a result, become extremely expensive. Time and attendance tracking systems make it quite easy for supervisors to monitor their employee’s time and make sure that they are not unintentionally breaking laws. The HR department can also have an eagle’s eye view on the entire workforce, ensuring the organization always stays in compliance.

HR and Attendance Tracking Advantages

The HR department has an extremely challenging and complicated workforce in the construction industry. They need automation to minimize the time they spend on heavy administrative work and instead focus on larger workforce strategy initiatives.

Automated time and attendance tools play a pivotal role by virtually eliminating the human error of administering these tasks and manually entering data. Moreover, it also gathers this data automatically into a single point of entry, enabling an HR professional to track everything easily that is going on from an administrative standpoint.

The data can then be integrated with the payroll software automatically, freeing up HR time in the process. The solution offers the HR team the tools they require to accomplish one of the most necessary sets of tasks i.e. fill vacancies with efficient hiring. The software also makes it easy for HR professionals to monitor and fill all the vacancies in a timely manner.

Moreover, many business enterprises deal with paying needless every payday due to the errors caused by the archaic time clock systems. It deeply affects the bottom line and puts a strain on the construction workers who do not have much time to rest between their shifts.

Good biometric clocking software alleviates the difficulty of scheduling overtime as it manages locations, workers effectively. Also, it can help business enterprises to determine who still has the hours open to work and who has worked overtime.

Cloud-based time management software can completely replace the traditional ways of running a firm with a robust mobile technology platform that is easy for everyone to use no matter where they are. HR technology can help construction organization save expenses, re-focus on the administrative efforts, and generate more revenue.

Efficient labor management can save your businesses money and time while making it easier for the HR team and workers to log time and keep track of the working hours. Offering enhanced technology in order to help workers handle their schedules and monitor attendance from the smartphone makes sure that you remain competitive in the market that improves your department’s engagement and happiness.



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