TridindiaHR Comes In Handy When Closure Hits 1,200 Employees of RCom


As per the news published in Economic Times on Oct 26, 201, some 1,200 employees of Reliance Communications will likely be standing on road without their jobs. The company has recently decided to shut its wireless business in a little over a month from now. As per the report, the November 30 will be the last of the employment of their workforce, leaving them in a sky surrounded by the dark clouds since the job market is down these days.

“It will be a huge challenge to get a job in this scenario,” said A Ramachandran, partner at search firm EMA Partners. “Candidates should take up any opportunity they get and not look too much into the profile or compensation.”

In order to help such employees, Tridindiahr has taken an initiative to introduce as many people as they can to the companies where they can be placed easily at good positions with handsome salary. Recognized as a specialist recruitment firm, Tridindiahr has a vast service in providing various kinds of permanent recruitment, contract staffing as well as outsourcing for the Telecommunication, Information Technology, Education, Healthcare, Finance and more.

Unlike most of their rivals, the company concentrates on niche Telecommunication, IT, Finance and Healthcare recruitment and staffing. Using this more focused vision, combined with a comprehensive and result-oriented industry expertise, they have uniquely positioned themselves now in the market when it comes to providing the employers with high quality resources with a quick turnaround time.

Apart from maintaining a wide team of specialist placement consultants who have gained expertise in their respective domains, they also include a core panel of practicing IT professionals and industry experts who are very well aware of the new industry trends as well as developments. Why many big brands or employers in India are now hiring their services is because they screen all the candidates with a detailed and goal-oriented process which primary includes checking their references.

At Tridindiahr, the team of professionals discusses their findings with their clients and tries to keep the useful points in their efforts so that the end results could be more beneficial to both the clients and the candidates. They take time in understanding of your company properly and deeply and job requirements, then they conduct an initial investigation so as to identify the best possible options available to you. The firm works with a huge list of blue chip and multinational companies (MNCs) and some of the top notch boutique companies across the world.

Most importantly, Tridindiahr also assists candidates with preparing them for their interview by ensuring them to have the vital information, including company details, reason the opportunity has arisen, detailed role specification, progression opportunities, an overview of what the interview process will entail and background information on the interviewers etc.

As a leading niche market player, Tridindiahr doesn’t make fake commitments to their clients and candidates alike. No matter whether you are a client or a candidate, this India’s world best recruitment firm keeps you fully informed through the entire process. Being very open in their approach, the firm analyzes the requirements and does their proper research in order to deliver the best possible results. They provide advices and suggestions to their clients or candidates as well. Whether you are a candidate or a client, the service provided by them will surely impress you when it comes to obtain the result-driven ideas.

Tridindiahr is a leading India’s specialist recruitment firm having an unbeatable record of placing a wide number of technical and non-technical professionals across various locations in India and abroad.

RCom maintains a staff of approximately 3,000 employees, of which 1,000-1,200 will be going to be affected by this decision. At Tridindihr, we ensure to get you placed safely whether you have 1-2 years of experience or are equipped with a long history of work experience. So, forget about the job worry, leave everything on the shoulders of our HR professionals. All the best!!

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