Candidates Feedback

I am thankful to the company for its complete support right from making the first interaction to the joining of the job duties. Also, your passion and dedication to follow up with the candidates & ensuring their job satisfaction, is what I liked the most.

My personal experience with the consultants had never been so wonderful, as that with you guys. Thanks for making me realize that you are there to support at every stage of recruitment and selection.

Since, this is the beginning of my career, the job opportunities offered to me, were very low in terms of salary package. But, after associating with you, I am glad that my career started at an attractive salary package. I am looking forward to you for more of such opportunities in the near future.

All the recruiters in the team are simply great. But, I would like to give a big thanks to the senior recruiter, who motivated me at each step of recruitment and also guided me on how to face the final interview round, in order to be selected at the very first instance.

Apart from having 15 years of experience in the language industry, I was unable to find an employer, who could provide me a higher salary. But, TridIndia HR Solutions made it happen for me. In tandem with my salary expectation and preferred location, the company found the right match for me.