How To Build A Career In The Hospitality Industry

Through the years, the hospitality industry has made huge contributions to global economic growth. It’s no wonder why people who seek a successful career in this industry have a number of opportunities waiting for them. If you’re someone interested in customer care, building a career in this field may be your chance to climb to the top of the hospitality corporate ladder.

A hospitality industry job portal is your gateway to landing an occupation in this people-oriented industry. However, to last long in this field, hard work and dedication are still a major requirement.

Take a look at the tips below and let them serve as your guide in building a successful hospitality career.

1. Plan ahead before sending out your application

The hospitality field is quite a competitive industry that people who forget to plan their career path may be setting themselves up for failure.

You need to take careful steps to elevate your career if you don’t want to end up short in your career goals.

Ensure you know what your career objectives are before you make a shift to a hospitality job, or try to enter the industry as a neophyte. Start by following these steps:

• Identify your career roadmap.
• Set up short-term and long-term professional goals that you want to achieve.
• Talk with a career advisor or anyone who can give you advice on the occupation you plan to pursue.
• Prioritize things according to what’s most important for your career.
• Take small steps, one at a time to achieve your career goals.

2. Develop the skills required for the job

To be successful in the hospitality industry, you need to have the skills needed to succeed in a hotel or leisure job. While the right education, proper training, and hard work allow you to get work-related skills quickly, soft skills matter most in the long run.

Soft skills which are most significant in the hospitality industry include being:

• Innovative
• People-oriented
• Flexible
• Confident
• Team player

3. Don’t sell yourself short

Once you have all the skills required, it’s time to get your dream job.

Once you find yourself shortlisted for a hospitality post, indulge in a little soul searching, look inward and see what it is that you have that others don’t. Why? So that before you enter the room for your interview, you already know what sets you apart from the other candidates.

The interview process is a crucial stage in getting your dream job.

Don’t sell yourself short and do everything you can to show the recruiter that you’re the best among the rest. Applicants whose skills, experiences, and personality resonate with the company objectives and culture tend to be the ones who get hired.

Another thing that can make you stand out during the interview is having a clear vision for your hospitality career. Most recruiters want applicants who are serious about the business and are dedicated to helping the company grow.

4. Stay motivated

It happens to anyone. Most people think that once they get their dream job, everything else will follow. Unfortunately, getting the job is only the beginning.

There will be highs and lows in your chosen hospitality job and you need to stay motivated to survive through the difficult stages.

Go back to your career roadmap and goals, and then reflect. Understand that there’s no shortcut to success and most people who have risen to a top hospitality management position began with an entry level job.

Think of your entry level position as an important opportunity to witness the business from the ground up. Each experience you have is a step to reach the career level that you want. Always know that for every position, there’s more to the job than meets the eye.

5. Prioritize customer service

The success of a business in the hospitality industry depends on the good relationships that employees create with their customers. You should be able to communicate well with guests and be attentive to everything they need to ensure a good experience.

Good hosting abilities include:

• Being attentive to guest requirements.
• Caring sincerely for the customer’s enjoyment.
• Meeting all customer needs.
• Thinking outside the box to create solutions to issues and improve upon current practices.

You need to have great social skills to be on top of every bad situation and create the best outcome for customers. When you prioritize your customer’s welfare, you can get good recommendations which will then persuade others to trust in your skills to serve them.

6. Get exposed to different roles

Venturing into different posts such as those in housekeeping, concierge, sommelier, etc., allows you to expand your skills and experience. This, in turn, will make you qualified for greater positions in those career paths. Understanding what other duties entail while gaining experience will always be valuable to your career.

A career in the hospitality industry can give you the best of both worlds. You have enough room to develop various skills and a wide array of job positions to join into.

As long as you stay motivated, are disciplined, and do your job well, success in this field is well within your reach.

Image Credit to Lonely Planet On Unsplah

Daulet Zhumagulov is the Founder and CEO at WeHoteliers, a specialized online hospitality portal in the GCC region where prospective and experienced talents can explore career opportunities and be discovered by the top employers of the industry. The company’s mission is to provide an efficient and modern platform that will focus on the needs and interests of hospitality professionals.


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