Top Common Mistake During Your First Job That Need To Avoid

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What you have done throughout your college life is over.  Now, it is time to take the step forward and that calls for some office work. As this is your first job, you are rather scared and confused. Yu might try going with the flow, but you should understand your restrictions first. That’s what people are not always aware of, leading to some drastic changes in professional life.

The basics of any business environment are mostly overlooked and that might greatly impact your professional or work image among colleagues. If you have less or no office etiquettes, then there are higher chances that you are committing some mistakes, which you should not. So, before you make any more mistakes, try focusing on some basic rules first.

1. Avoid Using Too Much Cell Phone:

Yes, it is true that you are addicted towards your smartphones and always have this tendency to check it from time to time. But that’s what the officers and your competitive colleague will take note of and this might hamper your working score to a great extent.

● So, try restricting the use of your cell phones for accessing any social networking sites or going through personal emails or chats.

● Unlike in your college days, staying glued to your phones all the time when you are working won’t help you in any way. It will further not do go down with your employees.

Try avoiding loud notifications or noise as that might distract others and hamper the entire working routine.

2. Avoid Spending Much Time At Cafeteria:

When you first joined the office, you were told clearly about the office hours and your break time too. You will be given a selected time to take break, and ensure to follow that only. Avoid spending much time in cafeteria as that can create a negative image.

● Bonding with colleagues over a cup of coffee is great, but that time should be restricted. Do not let this bond take the best out of you.

● You don’t want to hold an image of a person who is always out on break. This will degrade your image in front of the seniors to a great extent.

Make sure to use your time wisely. Try keeping breaks short and avoid interrupting any discussions, which you are not a part of.

3. Confidentiality Of Salaries:

It is true to state that companies are quite confidential when it comes to employee salaries. If you are asked to keep your salary a secret, try keeping it in that way. Avoid discussing about your benefit packages and similar such sensitive issues with colleagues. The company trusts you. So try keeping that trust.

4. Avoid Being A Funny Bone:

Yes, you were always known as the funny bone in college, but things are about to change quite a lot when you join a job. Being funny all the time or without any reason will mark down your personality, and that’s not what you want. Moreover, you have to be very careful with the humour you are making as it might sometimes turn out to be rather risky. The best suggestion in this regard is to restrict your temptation of cracking joke then and there.

5. Now For Office Parties:

Now, this seems to be a very tricky situation, honestly speaking! Most of the companies will organize parties for team outings, new joiners and even annual events.

● Avoid being in sticky situation because of your carefree nature as this might lead to some serious repercussions

● Moreover, you have to keep interactions quite limited.

Try to greet the seniors politely and avoid any kind of over indulgence of any form. This is something serious, which you better concentrate on before the matter gets out of your hand.

Avoid Work Gossip:

No matter how big or small the firm is, there will always be a gossip group. The main aim of this group is to always say something negative about the seniors or batch mates. Avoid being a part of this group as it will not just ruin your reputation but will waste your time too. You have to learn more ways to draw lines between discussing any kind of work related issues and even gossiping about seniors or colleagues.


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