What HR Manager Needs To Know And Do About Business Strategy

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Primary responsibilities of HR (human resource) manager are recruitment, training and development of staff and they are mostly hired to perform these duties. It is their universal function necessary everywhere from a company in Perth to Dubai business setup. But things change with passage of time and so is the case with HR manager. Now, it is expected that HR managers will also take part in the development of business strategy.

There is no doubt that main responsibility of shaping a business strategy is on business leaders but HR managers are now considered an important part of the team behind the formation of this strategy. Their importance is due to their experience and practical collaboration with the staff that perform main function in running an organization. It is rightly expected that powerful assistive role by HR managers in any business strategy makes it more viable and practical.

But it is not possible for HR managers to become part of business strategy only by sticking to their basic role. They have to learn few more business-related functions and then use their own experience of HR management to shape an effective business strategy.

Following are most important things that a HR manager should know to assist in the formation of business strategy.

Understanding All Aspects Of Business:

The main function of HR manager will remain intact, but limiting himself to that function would not allow him to make useful contribution in business strategy. For this purpose, a HR professional should be aware about other business terms and functions.

It is important for him to know about the direction of a business and its requirements regarding the type of staff needed at proper time. He must have complete knowledge of the type of talent required at a specific place and the cost that they can afford to hire staff.

It clearly means that if a HR Manager is going to play a part in devising business strategy, then he must be fully competent about human resource. Additionally, he must be aware about other factors of business related to HR to play his part in growth of business.

Loaded With Statistics:

Complete and comprehensive data makes any business statement reliable. Therefore, it is important for HR managers to be aware about complete statistics and data regarding their relevant fields. A better decision making is only possible if there is latest and comprehensive data available and you have the ability to understand it fully.

If you present your point of view with certain statistics and data figures, then it will be more acceptable to higher management and it will have more weightage. Also in the long run, the decision made on this data-driven information is more likely to produce positive results. Through this information, HR manager can assist in providing right advice for business strategy.

Grip On Technology:

Technology is playing important role in shaping businesses all over the world and all types of companies are using latest technology for growth of their businesses. The same thing is required for HR managers. With their full understanding of relevant technology, they can interact with employees even if they are at far off locations.

Social media has an important role in this aspect. Understanding and correct use of technology makes HR manager an expert of his field. After that, it will be easier for him to play important role in decision making on strategic level.

Brenda Cagara is a part of the business consultant team Riz & Mona in Dubai. Her work is to assist the formation of companies and help setting up business firms. Other services she takes a part in are visa processing, trade license, trade mark, bank account opening, product registration and local sponsors. Along with this, she vigilantly manages to pursue her writing career. Since the past five years, she has been writing on different niches. The top ones are HR, business and finance.


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