5 Signs Your Hiring Efforts Are A Shot In The Dark

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The most important asset in any organization is its ‘employees.’ Without its valued employees, no business enterprise can succeed. However, if not rightly hired, the same employee can bring disaster to your organization. Thus, it becomes crucial to hire the right person for the job role. Taking note of certain prerequisites is essential before you actually lay rules for the hiring process in your business.

Hiring for a vacant position in your business can be very straining. While the right hiring can bring success and delight, the wrong hiring can crumble the position of the company, making a big fiasco out of it.  Hiring the right candidate can maximize productivity, results in increased ROI, save time, subsequently decrease the workload of others, brings commitment and team building onboard, indicates your decision-making skills, and a lot of other benefits. However, hiring a wring candidate can cost you more than you can ever realize. You not only end up wasting a lot of time and money on recruitment, but it also hampers the productivity, image, and culture of the company. Therefore, hiring the perfect candidate is indispensable.

But how can you ensure that your hiring efforts are in the right direction? Well, the best way is to avoid the warning signs that indicate a broken hiring process. Have a look at them and watch out if any of these apply to you:

5 Warning Signs of Unsuccessful Hiring Efforts:
1.)  Inexperienced Interviewers

Is your team of interviewers experienced? Do they know how to recruit and interview the candidates? Well, if not, this might be a serious issue. Nothing annoys an aspiring candidate more than being interviewed by an inexperienced interviewer.

Interviews are all about knowing more about the candidates and building an association with them. Make sure that you are not losing a good candidate because of inexperienced interviewers. Thus, watch out if your team knows what questions to ask the candidates and how to recruit them. If you don’t have a proper hiring process in place, you should get them trained for taking interviews, before they start interviewing the candidates.  Don’t forget to guide your team regarding the qualities of a good candidate. The functional or technical skills should not be the only criteria to select or reject a candidate. There are always many other attributes required to be the perfect candidate.

2.)  A Major Change In The Organization Chart

Well, this refers to hiring people for roles you don’t have expertise in. At times businesses hire people to stretch their functional capabilities, but over the time, their expansion plans take a backseat. They then realize that they needed more of “generalists,” than the specialists. Normally, a situation like this happens only when there is no adequate job definition in place. Before actually hiring a candidate for a vacancy in your organization, make sure that you have properly defined job role and performance goals for the same.

We do understand that with situations, requirements change, but knowing the job description you are hiring the candidate for will help you understand what you’re actually interviewing for. This will save in your time and reputation, both.

3.)  You Aren’t Able To Capitalize The Potential Of Your Employees

If you’re not able to capitalize the potential of your employees, then your hiring efforts are going down the drain. It is great to set the benchmark high, but it comes with some responsibility on your shoulder too – managing the high expectations of the candidates. Well, let me tell you, this is not going to be easy!

Such candidates often believe that they are they serve the SOS function in the company and should be assigned projects that are difficult. However, when it comes to working on trivial tasks, they don’t want to do it, even if that is a part of their job responsibilities. So, make sure you set realistic expectations during the interview, or you can face similar issues with the candidates later.

4.)  No Reference And Background Checks

Conducting reference and background checks is one of the most crucial steps in the hiring process. Although no candidate would share the reference of people who can give bad feedback about him yet asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers can do a great deal.

Following through your reference checks can greatly reduce the probability of bad hires. The best reference check is using the channel references of those shared by the candidate. His direct candidates might not want to share bad feedback, even if he deserves it.

5.)  Candidates Not Motivated To Work When Hired

Well, this is a great problem to deal with. Some candidates perform exceptionally good in interviews and appear to be the best fit for the organization, but once hired, it becomes pretty much evident that they aren’t the right fit. They are not motivated to perform and might even have attitude problems. This might be related to working hours, personal issues, personality problems, etc. Such sorts of problems are usually seen arising for job roles that emphasize more on the technical aspect of the job role. Therefore, it becomes essential to always analyze the motivational and driving force in a candidate which can let me work along with generalities too.

Thus, these were the most common wiring signs in any hiring process. If your hiring process has any of the above, your hiring efforts are sure to shot in the dark. Watch out for these and mend them before you go ahead with the next interview. Hiring the right people is not an easy task, and you must have realized this by know. Well, it’s not that tough too. All you need is a well-structured approach, rich experience, and the zeal to hire the very best!  To help you select the right candidate, here are the appropriate steps you should be taking for hiring the perfect candidate.

Appropriate Steps You Should Take For Hiring

It is said, “A good hiring process is critical to building a great team,” and how true is that! Having the ideal employee to do your job is half work already done. It’s no wonder that the Facebook CEO spends 50% of his time in recruiting the right candidates. Always remember, your team together will build your company. Make sure; it’s worth the pride! Some very specific things to take care of and you have with you – the perfect candidate!

So, hiring the right employee starts with a job analysis.  Systemize your process of hiring a candidate and adequately define the job beforehand. Plan a recruitment strategy and accordingly design your hiring process. Review credentials and applications successfully and prescreen the candidates. Magnify the power of the job interview by asking the right job interview questions. An effective background check is crucial while hiring an employee. You need to cross- verify that the candidate possesses all the credentials, experience, and facts presented by him. This includes a reference check, education qualifications, job history, salary slips, and criminal record. Only the candidate who stands tall on all fronts is the ideal candidate to get onboard.

So what are you waiting for?

Hire the right candidate now!

Prabhash Bachhuwan is a content marketer who is an active contributor for Mettl‘s blog. The one who believes there is no sharper sword than the pen. The one who flows with the wind, intricately lacing words with emotions. A yet to evolve person whose creativity culminates through writing and smiles.


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