Hiring Your First Employee To Your Business

A defining point in any new business is employing their first member of staff, it shows the business is progressing to the point that the workload is too big for the owners to handle. Whilst having an employee is an exciting milestone, all employers should take time to consider all the following to make sure the business and employee are safeguarded.


1- Managing Expectations for Applicants

Having a vague job description may attract some applicants who may be suitable for the role, but it will be harder and take longer to identify who will be most suitable. Being vague with what the role entails can also put people off applying as it can be a risk or waste of time on some occasions. Being clear about your expectations is advised, as it will deter unsuitable applicants from applying in the first place and speed the process up. As for the candidates who do apply being specific in what you want will give you the confidence that when you meet them they will have a positive attitude that they can fulfil the role.


2- Showcase the Brand

When the business is being run by you and friends/ family, you know how you want your brand to be seen. Portraying that culture onto your first employee is crucial, as it will then change their vision of the company and follow onto future employees. Keeping a distant and professional relationship with your employee might seem like the right thing to do, but you want them to feel important and boast about how your brand is treating them and give them an idea of your working style from day one.


3- Open your Horizons

The easy option for employing someone is to find a candidate that looks, thinks and acts in a similar way to yourself. Whilst it might be the easy option it isn’t always the best, having someone who questions your approach to a work issue may help you to improve a system in place that you may never have thought of. Whereas having someone very agreeable may be easier at first will they truly be adding to the brands future? Ideally after your first hiring, having a verity of different personalities available will be the best approach for a unique feedback and work ethic to give you the knowledge of who and what works best.


4- Keep an Eye on Cost

Employing someone isn’t just beneficial to the company, you’re also adding the responsibility of someone else’s livelihood. Making sure you can afford to sustain their employment is key, it shows the business is progressing and gives the employee the sense of professionalism. If you know that the employment you need is for a short-term inflation, telling the applicant about the length of service is key so they know the full terms.


5- Don’t Skip Over Anything

Whilst most employers hiring for the first time don’t want to be perceived as boring to a future employee, making sure all the correct procedures have followed is crucial. Reading and signing a business contract may be boring but it protects your new employee and your business from each other. Having a contract in place and discussing important topics will help your employee understand and not make mistakes, such as revealing sensitive business information, knowing how the business operates and following the rules of the business. To make sure all areas are covered such as holidays, pensions and general guidelines you can consult employment solicitors to ensure your employee and business are being treated fairly.


Richard Meadow is a writer that works on topics in relation to employment, business operations and consumer rights law. He is always interested in new subjects and articles to read about and enjoys writing about them.

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