What Motivates Us At Work Is Labor Is Equal To Payment !!

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Hard work is the key to success. But what motivates us at work is the hard and fast thought that can keep you awake for many nights. Famous behavioral economist Dan Ariley said in a conversation that is “We all have our personal and incredible view why we work and how the labor market looks like.”

A keen observation on people that are at work will simply state many of the people who are at work have a playful personality. They work for career satisfaction. While some seek employment to earn huge amount of money and create lavish bank balances.


1- Labor Is Directly Propionate To Payment

The above notion is true to somewhat extent. The picture of labor and payment strikes in our mind simultaneously. The real fact is motivation even includes meaning, challenges, creation, ownership and pride. This view of work is estimated by Airely. We also through light on some of the other studies made by Airley and will illustrate their interesting implications-

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2- Fruits Of Our Labor Increase The Productivity Level

The above notion can be exemplified using case of Legos where participants were brought up in an experiment. They were experimentally employed and were paid very less amounts. Seeing the payment of reduced amounts the employees initially showed interest but when pressurized the work amount increased but with a rough quality. So this is a practically proven fact that happens in many firms and organizations.


3- Less Appreciation Is Directly Proportional To Money

Airley again experimented on the participants. He gave students a piece of paper with random letter and asks the students to pair them as soon as possible. At each round the amount of work increased and the payment was reduced. First group participants wrote their specific identities and put the entire in a pile. Second group did not mention their names hence the experimenter did not gave importance to that group. The last group shredded the entire work as soon as they completed with that task.

The result is not giving attention to the performance of the people is not considered good. Adding motivation does not sound difficult but practically it is. Eradicating motivation is the easiest work to do.

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4- Hardness Is Directly Proportional To Proudness

In an experiment Ariely handed over a set of novice’s paper to create them into the ugliest form. At the end the participants were asked about the payment they want. In the second round the instructions were not given to the participants that made the entire scenario much hard and rough. The moral of the story is we evaluate the work according to the hard work paid. At a personal level everyone thinks to be paid in equality at least maximum personal profits are valued.

What we conclude is the level of work we are provided is evaluated with payment and other environmental factors. People often seek appreciation and motivation during the working hours. If this is even not granted then the worker will always give a rough quality of work.


I’m Prateek Negi having 6 years of HR experience in hospitality, medical and technological line. The field has made me seen extremely tough scenarios that I’ll be bringing in front through blogs to make you learn loads of things.

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