HR Statutory Compliances

Safeguard the interest the employees and legal officer through HR Statutory Compliances India Delhi NCR Mumbai that helps in formulating rules & regulation in simple process. At us, your assignment will be handled by professional human resource that clearly understands the legal constraints as per geographical region. Their precise planning helps in achieving better score of labor law and also maintains the encouraging environment of the company.

We Compliant In Multiple Fields

Through the help of experienced human resource specialist, there’ll be top notch HR Consulting Service that ensures complete compliance with the following:

Factories Act ESI Act
PF & Misc Provision Act Bonus Act
Contract Labor Regulation Minimum Wages Act
Abolition Act Professional Tax Act
Labor Welfare Fund Shop and Establishment Act
Payment of Wages Act Maternity Benefit Act
And other regulations

Why Choose Us?

As one of the leading HR Staffing solution, organization trusts us to maintain 100 % statutory compliance record with respect to the organization and employees. In the midst of the experienced expert, there’ll be a stringent focus on legislative Management that indeed helpful in formulating sophisticated working infrastructure. There are three types of services that we are providing such as:

Statutory Management Service

This includes the registration and licensing that comes under labor law.

Preparing the payment Challans.

Submitting the periodical statutory report.

Attendance of periodic statutory inspections being helped by government officials.

Consulting Services

Educating the client about labor law compliance.

Examining the current compliance structure and improvising by making necessary changes.

Auditing Services

Assessment of client statutory compliance record.

Analyzing the statutory records.

Conducting reviews on the periodic table.

Highlighting any deficiency in the current system and guiding corrective approach.

Minimize The Risk Of Non-Regulation: Any gap in legislation can make you look unethical. Through the assistance of experts, a business can formulate effective rules and regulation, guidelines and labor norms with complete focus on their core business. If you are looking for a feasible solution for employment handling then look no further.

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