How to Build a Positive Reputation at Interview?

An interview is something which everyone has to face in their life to get a professional job. After completing their academic life every individual search for a job and in that process they have to face interview in which their so many elements are evaluated. Every individual feels some kind of tension and nervousness in their interview session and some

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Interview with Chrissy Weems

Chrissy Weems is the co-founder and CEO of Origami Owl, a jewelry company based in Arizona. Origami Owl is a direct selling company whose brand ambassadors bring the sparkle of customized jewelry to their friends, family, and business contacts. Weems attended Arizona State University where she studied studio art and interior design. Her deep interest in the arts fuels her

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7 Hacks to Crack an Interview for Digital Marketing Position in 2018

The Digital Marketing platform has opened doors for many looking for jobs in 2018. The job market being very competitive, one needs to work smartly to stand out from the crowd to get one’s dream job. Many startups have emerged in the recent years as the government also seems to encourage the youth of the country to come out with

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How To Correct The Five Mistakes You Make During An Interview

Many of you might have faced this problem after giving your interview: You give a great interview and yet, you are not selected despite fulfilling all the qualification and requirements for the job. It then becomes imperative for you to find out the reason as to why you did not get selected despite being a promising candidate. Here are some

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A Crash Course in Successful Job Interviewing

Looking for a new job can be time intensive, overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re unemployed. Submitting applications and resumes as well as networking are all part of this job search process and can take a considerable time investment. To make the most of this investment, when interview opportunities come along, you need to put your best foot forward. Read

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Top 14 Interview Questions Of HR Professional

In this post, we will share few interview questions of HR Professional and how you can deal with it. It is going to benefit you for clearing the interview round. Before start it, you should have knowledge about HR professionals and their role.  Who are HR professionals? Human Resource is the term used for people who work for the organization.

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How to Avoid Interview Questions Not to Answer in Better Way?

There are some instances in hiring session where most of the applicants get stuck at bizarre interview questions not to answer because it’s just irrelevant. It feels good when you wake; dress nicely, put your resume in cover box and voyage to get place in field of your choice. But sometimes, dreams get shattered because there are certain questions that

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