How to Avoid Interview Questions Not to Answer in Better Way?

There are some instances in hiring session where most of the applicants get stuck at bizarre interview questions not to answer because it’s just irrelevant. It feels good when you wake; dress nicely, put your resume in cover box and voyage to get place in field of your choice. But sometimes, dreams get shattered because there are certain questions that most of us might not feel comfortable to answer. What if we tell you that there’s better way to reject them in a more polite and professional manner? Yes you heard right, instead of being offensive, it’s better that you answer smartly that leaves a solid impression your skills and quality.

Certain Questions to Watch Out

Applicants must be aware of illegal questions area that generally pops up in the mind of recruiter. These could be related to your religion, nationality, citizenship, disabilities, marital status, etc. that actually gives mind boggling experience and in most of the cases gets into your nerve.

Majority of International Recruitment services providers admitted that these questions are beside the point and absurd. Your gender, age or marital status has nothing to do with current job profile rather it’s the experience, accomplishment and skills that must be considered.

Here are some of the red zones questions that you as a candidate must prepare to encounter:

• Question related to your race/ caste/ place of your born.
• Are you citizen of ________ (what)?
• Question about your religion background?
• Issue related to disabilities and health.
• Are you married or do you have kids?
• What is your age?
• How much you weigh?

It is illogical, right? All those above question are extremely inappropriate. Just think- how your marital status is related or beneficial to company job? It’s more like a subtle form of discrimination.

Here How To Avoid?

We understand that situation might be hurtful and but you got to rise. Besides it will be your confidence and morale that’ll lead you for future industry hiring in a best possible way. Recruiters suggest that in these circumstances, it’s better to smartly redirect the question. For example- if someone if asking about your marital status then brings the best out of line by saying- By this question you mean am I willing to work overtime? One must also understand that interviewee also makes mistakes and most of the cases they do make unintentional slip-up tongue.

Another great way to do is asking straightly- Sir, how this question adds a plus point in selecting right candidate? This will lead you to their explanation and in majority of cases; interview do realizes that it wasn’t the right question to ask.

Note down an important point, by saying simply that you refuses to answer might enlighten your ego or weakness that you were not able to handle stress. People do test your pressure handling skills and they make sure that they get the stress buster candidate. It’s more like their tactic to make you move from your comfort zone and see the real you. So better handle situation like a smart kid in town.

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