How To Correct The Five Mistakes You Make During An Interview

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Many of you might have faced this problem after giving your interview: You give a great interview and yet, you are not selected despite fulfilling all the qualification and requirements for the job. It then becomes imperative for you to find out the reason as to why you did not get selected despite being a promising candidate.

Here are some of the crucial mistakes that one makes without realising them and hence losing the job opportunity forever:


• No smile

Many of you try to pose a serious persona during the interview that may make you look as an angry or an unconfident person. Smiling is the most important factor during the interview as it makes you look as a confident and a relaxed person. It shows that you are confident of your capabilities to fulfil the required job responsibilities.

One should however does not need to keep displaying a huge smile all the time. A small and relaxed will help you go the long way.


• Being Restless

Shaking your leg, touching you hair or fidgeting with your hands come across as the telltale signs of being nervous and not confident of your own talent. Remember that you are being observed from the moment you walk in the office for the interview. Hence, it is one of the essential interview tips for job seekers to make sure that your body language speaks volumes of your talent and confidence.

One can opt for different postures such as crossing your legs or clasping your hands in order to stop them from fidgeting and ruining your image before you can build one.


• Arms being crossed

Many people in order to stop fidgeting cross their arms across their chest. While it may act as remedy for one cause, it might pose another problem too. Usually crossed arms come across as defensive, not open to new ideas and in some cases as anxious.

Try to relax and keep your hands either on your lap or lightly on the table. You can move your hands while talking but do keep that in moderation.


• Slouching

This can be a complete deal breaker for any candidate. No matter how good or competent you are in your job, slouching can be interpreted as disinterested as well as under confident .It can destroy your image in a matter of seconds and no other chance can renew it. As said, first impression is the last impression.

Try to come as relaxed and confident by sitting upright, chin up and resting your hands in a certain way that makes you look as relaxed yet a confident person in the eyes of the interviewer.


• Eye Contact

Eye contact is again one of the most important factors that you are judged upon while giving an interview. Answering while looking in the eyes of the interviewer can make you look like a trustworthy and confident candidate.

If you look everywhere except the interview, it makes you look unsure, untrustworthy and as if wanting to get over with the ordeal.

Last but not the least; try to think of this whole process as positive and informative. These can be an important part of your job search strategy which will help you to further yourself to the final stage of the interview. If your competencies and qualifications are up to date, then just add up these tips and you will make the best candidate a company would like to have on their payroll.

You can also ask help from your friends by asking them to conduct mock interviews so that you get into a practice and do not have be extra attentive and diverting your mind rather than answering the questions put up by the interviewer.


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