Top 14 Interview Questions Of HR Professional

In this post, we will share few interview questions of HR Professional and how you can deal with it. It is going to benefit you for clearing the interview round. Before start it, you should have knowledge about HR professionals and their role.

Who are HR professionals?

Human Resource is the term used for people who work for the organization. The HR professionals manage and develop the employees of the organization. Human resource professionals are recruited for different positions like HR assistant, Hr consultant, HR coordinator, HR recruiter, HR specialist, Senior HR professional and much more.

The small organization generally has one or two HR professional while the big organization has the different department of HR with different positions. HR is the important department in all the organization.

What HR professionals do?

HR professionals are global business partners who work on human capital management and are able to meet the needs of the business. They are specialized in HR skills. HR professional role varies with the type and size of the organization. Human Resource professionals are responsible for many HR activities like

• Recruitment and selection
• Screening
• Interviewing
• Payroll and benefits
• Induction and Training
• Performance
• Grievance handling
• Employee relations



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How to become an HR professional?

To become the HR professional, you need a relevant Human Resource degree. You can enroll with the institute who provide bachelor degree program in HR. After the bachelor degree, you can apply for the internship in the renowned HR Company. In general, the internship is included in the degree program. The internship will provide real-time experience.

After the graduation gain some work experience. After the graduation, you will HR professional positions like HR assistant or HR general. To get the manager post you need a five-year work experience in HR or you need an MBA degree, to make the career in HR you at least need. Bachelor degree in HR or Master Degree in HR or some certification training courses in HR.

How to prepare for HR Interview?

1. Tell me about yourself ?

This is the basic and initial question to start the conversation. Remember the first impression is the last impression. The answer should be in sequence and it should be precise with good content. Start with the education background and include some major achievements. Keep the answer to the point.

Sample answer – “hello sir or Good morning sir I am Asha hails from Mumbai. I did PGDHRM from NarseeMonjee Institute of Management in Mumbai. I did BBA in HRM from HR College of commerce and economics Mumbai. I had completed my 10+2 from Jaipuria School Delhi and secure 92%. I have completed the internship in Global Innov Source. I am confident and enthusiastic and can work under any situation.”

2. Why we should hire you?

You are lucky if you have to answer this question. Here you can tell about your strengths and show how you are going to benefit the company.

Sample Answer” It is the great opportunity to work with reputed company X. it is the best company where I can fit. Your company excels in superior HR services and I want to share some value and contribute to the growth of the company. Due to my HR background and practical experience, I am all skilled for HR position in your position”



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3. Why you think that you are suitable for HR professional position?

By this question, interviewer wants to check your confidence for the position of HR professional. You should answer the question including your qualification, certification, and personal qualities.

Sample answer is here, “the role of HR manager is very important. I think with my 2-year experience as HR General in Y Company I am capable for HR professional role. My last company experience has contributed to making me suitable for the role and responsibilities of HR professional position. I excel in the functioning of HR. “

4. What is your strength?

This is a common and important question. One should be prepared for this type of question. To prepare the answer first think what are your strength and what qualities you should process for this profile. Identify what qualities are needed for this position. Prepare the answer accordingly. The answer should be based on the knowledge of the HR professional and if you have some work experience or some training it will beneficial for you.

5. Why do you want to make the career in HR?

This is an appropriate question. The interviewer wants to confirm your commitment. There are candidates who switch their job profiles. This question will allow them to understand how focus you are about your career in HR. It is wrong if you reply that you want to make the career in HR to get this job. Try to relate the answer with your personal traits.

Sample Answer: “I have been a part of the HR team in my ex-company and I enjoy to work with HR department. I would be able to choose the right candidate for right profile and have the better understanding of HR principles and value.”

6. According to you who are HR professionals?

This Question is to check whether you know about job profile. Interviewer wants to know whether you have done your homework or not. It is just not a random company you want to join. You should be serious about the company profile or you will end up dissatisfied with the job work. The answer about all the roles of HR professional like Hr Professional have a team of HR employees with the different tasks like recruitment, selection, training, salary, etc.



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7. What is your dream job?

The interviewer again wants to trap you with this kind of question. Here you can give little diplomatic answer like “my dream job is to work with the company where I can contribute my HR skill for the growth of the company and I am rewarded as per my knowledge and skill”

8. Why you left your previous company?

This is a tricky question. The company wants to know why you left the ex-company and how long you will stay with the present company. This gives them a clear answer to select you or not. You can answer like ‘’ I left my previous job to get the greater opportunity in HR field with the company like yours”. You should give an honest answer.

9. Five years from now where do you see yourself?

The interviewer might ask this question to know your long-term goals and to check your commitment. Do not jump into immediate five-year planning. Take few seconds and to frame the answer like what you want to become in five years. Everyone has plans that what they want to do in future and know the career graph. Give the genuine reply like

Answer “I See myself at Senior HR manager of the organization and contribute to the business growth of the firm”



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10. Can you relocate?

Now this question is asked to see whether you are flexible or not. There are situations when you have to relocate because of your expertise requirement at the different location of the same company. So, you need to be flexible by saying “I am comfortable to relocate”

11. How you can appraise the employees?

This question is subject related. One should know the subject knowledge. You should know about HR appraisal methods. The research is needed. You should know how the current company does appraisal and answer accordingly.

12. What is the fringe benefit?

Another common question based on the basic of HR. Human Resource professional should know about the minute basic. Your answer should be“the fringe benefits are the benefits other than salary like health insurance, paid holidays etc”

13. How can you handle the grievance of an employee?

This question is also based on the real-time practice of the organization in dealing with the employee grievance. You cannot reply a bookish answer for this. You have to give the practical answer that how you will deal with the employee grievance in particular situation. To better understanding give the answer with some practical example.



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14. What is your weakness?

It is difficult to answer the weakness question. The weakness question is asked to find the fault in you. So, weakness answer is given smartly. You can say “my weakness is I can’t handle mismanagement at work” so here You want to say that you will manage your HR team efficiently without mismanagement” Try to figure out the best answer for such questions.

Human Resource Professional is a good profile in HR We has discussed many HR interview questions. However, you should not write any incorrect information in your CV. Few questions of the interview are based on your resume. You should dress up in decent formal attire for the interview. Always carry a smile on your face and give answer confidently. Before applying in any interview get yourself prepared with the subject related question. Do SWOT analysis of yourself. Read about the company you are applying for. I hope this article is good enough for your HR interview and help you in the selection. All the best for the future!


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