7 Things the Recruiter Wants to See in Your CV

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In 2017, the job marketplace is fiercer than ever. The unemployment rate is severely high in a lot of countries, and some individuals are desperately fighting to make the ends meet. Now even if this is not your case, the competition you’re facing for the better jobs is definitely strong.

Recruiters are much more selective. The leverage is in the hands of the companies. There are more job applicants than jobs, so each recruiter will use this advantage. They will only select the best out of the best. Yet, the “best employee” or the “best resume” is really subjective terms.

Each recruiter acknowledges employees differently. However, one thing that’s never going to be left unnoticed is a resume that stands out from the crowd. “Interesting” professionals are always getting more attention. Yet, you can’t impress a strong interviewer by doing things differently than they expect.

In fact, you need to offer them exactly what they want. During the recruitment period, companies look for certain skills, traits, and personality traits. If your CV delivers the most important information that they need to hear, you will stand out from the crowd.

In today’s post, we’re sharing some insights concerning these “things” which every recruiter would like to see in your CV. Pay close attention and ensure to modify your resume in case you’re missing any details!

1. Your Career Goals

Your recruiters clearly want to see in which way you are heading. Big companies usually search for professionally oriented individuals who are eager to overstep their boundaries and advance as much as they can.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your career goals are easily identifiable throughout your resume. Let your recruiter know that you’re a growth-oriented individual that’s aiming high. The difference between the most successful people and the mediocre people lies in the standards each person sets.



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2. Up-To-Date Contact Information

Believe it or not, many employers face an unexpected problem. When they finally find an interesting employee, his contact information is outdated. This is a turn-off for many recruiters, as this mistake shows a lack of professionalism.

But how can you possibly give the wrong details? Simple – you submit the same resume over and over again to different clients. Well, this is a terrible mistake, as each resume you send must be personalized according to the job post you’re applying for.

Moreover, before submitting your resume, make sure to double check your contact information. You don’t want to miss the opportunity, don’t you?

3. Impeccable Grammar & Spelling

You need to make your resume impeccable. There’s no room for errors, as each grammar or spelling mistake is going to critically and negatively affect your chances to get approved. We’re humans; we do mistakes. That is not a problem!

However, there’s an activity called “editing” and an activity called “proofreading”. Before sending anything to your recruiters, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re sending a correct version of your CV. A few mistakes will ruin your chances, so don’t risk it!



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4. Skills that Are Relevant to the Company

Skills, skills, skills. That’s what every recruiter is looking for nowadays. Let me tell you one thing. Times are changing. The marketplace is changing. If two years back, college diplomas were extremely relevant for those who wanted to get hired, nowadays, the skills will do the job.

Every company’s looking for capable professionals who are more than just knowledgeable in the field. Experience and skills are way more important right now, as everything’s moving towards that direction. Therefore, you need to include relevant skills that the company might benefit from in case they choose to hire you.

Emphasize your biggest strengths and also display your weaknesses. By listing both your PROs and CONs, you’re giving a good first impression. You are being honest.

5. Proof

Let’s not forget about something really important. Recruiters are not stupid. They can detect crap from miles away, so you can’t fool them. Whenever you make statements throughout your CV, you need to bring proof. It can come as references, papers, or other palpable things.

In case you can’t really prove it, you still shouldn’t lie about it, as everything can be traced. If the recruiters you’re facing are dedicated to their research, they’ll dig deeper and find out more details about your life.

In case you’re lying, you’ll not only lose your chances of joining that company but you’ll also damage your reputation within that professional niche environment.



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6. Personality

Your resume has to be concise and well-written. All the important details must be included. Fine until this point, but is there something else? Well, most people fail to inject a bit of their personality in their resumes. When recruiters read your resume, they’re trying to get in touch with the person behind the words.

After all, recruiters are humans also. You can connect with them by giving away some personal details and trying to find a resonance. Don’t be afraid to let them know of the “real you”.

Inflict your personality in your resume and you’ll also improve your chances of being summoned for an interview. Even if your experience and skills are not the most remarkable, your personality might be interesting. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you if an interviewer calls you for an interview just because they’ve liked your personality!

7. A Concise Unique Value Proposition

“Unique value proposition” simply refers to the unique improvements that an employee is capable of bringing to the organization. Just like products and services are promising to bring unique benefits to the marketplace, employees must display their own proposition.

Throughout your resume, it is crucial that you’re emphasizing the reason why you’re completely suited to take the job. Which of your skills, traits, or personality traits is matching the job description so much?

Moreover, to make your UEP even more effective, let your recruiters understand the reason why they should hire you instead of any competitor. If you can sell yourself in the best possible manner, you’ll get the job! Don’t be afraid to make bold statements about your value; trust yourself. That’s what they need – ambitions professionals who do their best to be the best!



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Landing your dream job is never impossible if you care enough to “sell” yourself in the most efficient manner. The better you resume the better your chances of occupying that job position everyone’s fighting for. Always prepare more than others do, and always show more than they do. That’s what’s going to move you forward; work hard, play hard!


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