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Maximize your job search with helpful job seekers career advice that involves the latest interview and resume tips for potential job applicants. These tips basically form the basis of one’s professional growth and the ability to make successful decisions related to a fulfilling career. So, if you want a kick-start to your career, here are some tips that will help you for sure –

Do’s Don’ts
Be professional. The way you talk; the way you dress up and the way you present yourself should be very professional. Also, you must use the language more conservatively. Being haughty. Some candidates get very angry or arrogant while answering their interview questions. So, it is ideal to avoid such situations and do not try to over-react on anything.
Involve into a research to know about the job role, hiring manager or the employer. It will help you crack the interview easily. You can even Scour the website or any published material that relates to the organization. Overselling or underselling. Try to make out the difference between overselling and underselling, as both of these can be very harmful. One who praises himself a lot, or does not praise at all is always at risk.
Staying calm and at ease is really important during the interview. Hence, try not to panic or get nervous. The employer notices your body language more than what you utter from your mouth. Being monotonous in voice. While you are having a conversation with the employer, try not be boring, but interesting in your voice. An art of attracting the employer with your communication skills is a basic talent that employers look for.
Convey your good points to the employer and that too with facts. This will make the employer realize that you are very confident about your skills and the work assigned to you. Telling lies. If you have a habit of not explaining the entire things or telling lies, please improve that. Any lie spoken during the interview can ruin your future growth.
Maintain an eye contact with the employer or the interviewer. As mentioned above, body language is very important. Thus, an eye contact will not just boost your confidence, but also increase your chances to be hired. Speaking bad of previous employers. The interviewers feel very bad, when any candidate makes offensive comments for the previous employer. It simply shows that you do not respect the person, who once gave you a source of earning your bread and butter.
Some candidates keep talking and talking and irritates the employer. Therefore, Don’t act like a chatter box. Speak only the right amount; not less than that and not more than that. Asking about the holidays, salary and bonuses at a time, when you are not sure about your chances of being hired. At the very first round of interview, you should not be asking such questions.
Be punctual. This is one of the most important things that you should do. Arriving on time and being fully prepared for the interview is one of the many qualities that an employer looks for. Answering only yes or no. The employer wants to judge you over different parameters. Hence, if you answer in only yes or no, his purpose won’t be fulfilled and your hiring chances would be decreased.

Essential Tips for a Perfect Curriculum Vitae

Now, let’s get started with some resume tips, as a CV is the most important element that represents your skills and potential to the employer. Check them out –

1. Highlight – Not the JD, But the Achievements

While preparing your resume, it is important to highlight what you have achieved, what type of problems you can solve, how can you be an asset for the organization and so on. Therefore, the job description is not as important as the accomplishments.

2. Industry Specific Resume

The styling and designing of the resume should be specific to the industry you cater to, as the type of format demanded for one industry, may not be acceptable in the other. Apart from this, make sure that the resume is clean, grammatically-correct and contains very crisp knowledge about you.

3. The Best Things First

If you want to make the first impression right, it is better to keep the best things first. Within the top third portion of your resume, all of your best accomplishments as well as job experiences should be highlighted.

4. Limit It to One Page

Whether or not the resume should be one page or more; this is a huge debate topic. However, some experts believe that the resume must be limited to one page, as the information provided here must be concise and clear.

5. Be Clear About the Contact Info

How will the employer contact you, if no contact info is provided? You need not to provide your address in the CV. However, see to it that you provide the correct phone number along with an email id, which is accessed by you on a regular basis.

6. Maintain Relevancy in Information

The information provided in the CV must be recent. Even if you are telling about your career history, it should be recent up till 10 to 15 years. Also, the information provided in the CV must be appropriate to the position applied for. This will help your resume to stay to-the-point.

7. Use Numbers

All theory in a row can sometime make your CV look boring. You obviously want the employer to see your major highlights. Therefore, highlighting those points using bullet points or numbers can help. For example, you can show by how much percentage you exceeded your targets, how many time were you praised by the employer and so on.

8. Creative Resumes

As mentioned earlier, the resume should be designed and formatted in a manner that is acceptable in a specific industry. Hence, if you feel that your resume can have some room for creativity, you can use some color or some tasteful design elements that will create interest in your CV and make it look appealing.

9. Follow Reverse Chronological Pattern

An organized information on your curriculum vitae looks appealing to the employer. However, you make a better impression, if the information provided is in a reverse chronological pattern, i.e. keeping your recent experience at the very first.

10. Leverage from an Online Supplement

These days, candidates have found an amazing way to describe their skills in a detailed manner. Often job seekers find it difficult to explain their variegated experiences, achievements, career history and others in a single page. Henceforth, what they do is; they keep their resume concise with a link to their personal website. Using this link, the employer can know more about the candidate. On top of that, it creates a good impression.

Basic Interview Questions

Every candidate must be prepared for some basic, yet important interview questions that are generally asked in an interview. Here are some of them –

Give a brief introduction of yours

Why should we hire you?

What was the reason for resigning from the last job?

What are your salary expectations? Can you negotiate over salary?

How likely you are comfortable in working under pressure or with a team?

How soon would you join us, if hired?

What do you expect from this job?

List some of your biggest professional achievements and disappointments.

How do you motivate yourself to work and deliver good results?

Do you wanna ask something about the company or anything?

Miscellaneous Tips

To ensure a promising career, one must follow some other tips, apart from those mentioned above –

Avoid job hopping, i.e. do not switch jobs at very short intervals

Know when is the right time to leave your job

Stay motivated, as no one will motivate you for your growth

Learn the art of handling multiple jobs offers, for future success

Make sure the job fulfills career as well as personal goals

Never talk in an arrogant manner with the hiring managers

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