Translation Job

Today’s top Freelance Translation Jobs in India are helping many translators to earn huge. Thus, Urgent Translation Jobs Delhi become the most promising aid for fresher and experienced candidates to grab higher paying translation projects and prove their talent in multiple specialization areas. So, if you have the right translation skills, with industry specialization and cultural knowledge, you are the right choice of multiple employers in the international market. But, how would you judge that the company is perfect for you? We will help you do so. In this competitive world, it is difficult for a translator to reach the right employer and vice versa. Therefore, we aim at bridging the gap with a perfect match for both the parties (i.e. the applicant and the employer).

Tailor-Made Translation Jobs

Jobs are not tailor-made. But, we strive to make sure that you get the perfect match for your requirements. Hence, we customize our search as per your needs, for example, you are a Russian translation with specialization in legal industry. So, depending on your specifications, we will recruit you to a project or a company that wants legal translators for the same language and industry.

Different Types of Freelance Jobs That We Recruit for Are –

Language specific (for translators having knowledge of specific languages like French, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi etc.)
Industry specific (for translators having specialization in media, automobile, healthcare, publishing, aviation and other sectors)
Salary specific (for translators having specific salary expectations)
Culture specific (for translators having specific cultural knowledge)

Professionals to Help You

We focus on recruiting the right talent for the employer. Hence, we are associated with a dexterous team of recruiters, who are always ready to help you during the hiring process. Generally, they maintain a database of translators, depending on translators’ industry and language expertise. So, whenever we receive a requirement from the clients’ end, we search the database and recruit the most deserving candidate. Hence, by contacting us, you will be listed in our database and reach the desired employer.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have a huge experience of serving a number of companies with fresh and experienced talent, in line with their specific requirements. Hence, we ensure to provide the perfect recruitment solutions that fulfill the comprehensive needs of both the translators and the companies.

Huge database of translators to find the right ‘man’ for the right ‘job’
Years of experience in this field
Access to all the major job portals
Wide professional network
Aim towards 100% satisfaction
Recruit for all language combinations, industry specialization and job roles
Follow up and 360 degree support throughout the recruitment process
Experienced team of headhunters and recruiters
Recruit for Industry specific translation projects at handsome salary package
Expertise in recruiting both freshers and experienced translators
Help you work for the right employer

So, if you dislike the boring 9 to 5 job, freelance translation is the ideal option for you. Get started today and earn big.