How Your Office Interiors Set The Right Impression For Prospective Employees

For any employee, his office is his second home. They spend the majority of the day juggling the various tasks that are assigned to them and they do this for at least 5 days a week. A place where you invest so much of your time daily needs to have the right infrastructure because it is not just your clients who are impressed by your infrastructure but your employees as well.

Talking about the prospective employees, the interiors of your office tend to cast an impression on the applicants from the moment they enter the workplace. If you have attractive office interiors, the prospects would feel innately drawn towards your company. On the other hand, if your office looks dull in the very first go, the motivation to get a job there automatically decreases.

In fact, when people were asked what is most likely to cast a negative first impression, 33.9% of the subjects blamed cluttered workplaces. They wanted to work in a more open and spacious workplace in order to give their best. 19.1% of the subjects complained about the dated decoration in the office, while 20.5% of them complained about the lack of natural light. Apparently, they couldn’t work in an office which was artificially lit throughout the day without any source of natural light.

In order to succeed, it is extremely important to set a likable first impression of your business. If people don’t feel like buying into your company on the basis of the first impression you cast, it’s very unlikely they would at all! There are various factors that cause the first impression your business casts, but the most important is how your office reflects your company as a whole.

The way your office interiors look has a great influence on the image formed into the minds of your prospective employees. Before you think about changing your commercial interiors, it is crucial to ascertain what turns away the potential clients and even the employees willing to work in your office.

There are certain major turn-offs for the potential employees as well as clients when they first enter your workplace. Some of them are as follows:



No one likes to work at a messy and cluttered workplace. From messy documents to bulky storage taking up a large amount of the office space, clutter in the workplace is likely to mean that the potential clients would get a first bad impression. Clutter at the workplace is often seen as a disorganised, and the potential clients may also feel that this could reflect your general ethos of the company. Another issue with the clutter is that there may be various documents scattered throughout the space, and this might make the clients feel that their confidential information is at a risk. This may also come off as lack of organisation, which can spoil the image of your organisation.


Poor Office Lighting

Though it may not be considered as a pivotal aspect, office lighting plays a major role in casting an impression of your workplace. Natural and bright light is often preferred by the employees and clients. If your office has no natural light or has a gloomy light, the employees may not be willing to work in the concerned office. Lighting has proven to be instrumental to your employees’ productivity, and if the lighting is not up to the mark, it may result in the workers finding it difficult to concentrate while working. Low quality lighting doesn’t benefit the potential clients as well, as such a gloomy lighting is likely to set an unwelcoming environment which can cast a negative impression. Though the obvious solution to this problem is to make space for natural lighting, setting up LED lights can help reduce the gloomy feel to your workplace.


Dated Commercial Interiors

There is a fairly big difference between the commercial interiors of your office being dated and looking dated. Your workplace design may not have changed in a while, but it is still able to reflect the ethos of your company as long as the branding is clear throughout the workplace. However, when your office starts looking tattered and chipped, it is a major problem for your clients as well as your employees. A solution to this cause can be co-ordinating and complementing office wall features and colours.


Setting The Scene

Often, temperature and noise are not much thought of when it comes to the commercial interiors of your office. However, never make the mistake of neglecting them. Walking into a hot and noisy workplace may be a nightmare for majority of your potential employees, and such an environment would definitely cast a negative shadow on your organisation. On the contrary, an absolutely silent and freezing cold office can also have the same negative impression on the employees. You need to maintain a perfect balance between the two extremes and make sure that the environment of your office is ideal and conducive for work. Potential clients are likely to buy into a lively company and they would love working in such an atmosphere.


Pristine Workspaces

Beyond any other aspect, it is important for you to keep your commercial interiors clean and tidy. This can be maintained with the right commercial interiors solution. One of the major observable issues is that of people struggling with the cable management in particular while trying to keep their office spaces looking fresh and pristine. However, with under floor cabling and office desks integrated with technology, there has never been an easier time to keep your offices free from the messy cables.



It is not necessary for the storage solutions to be big; neither do they have to be boring. There are several office storage solutions that don’t just allow you greater office space, but they can also look really funky. Also, your storage should keep file saving discreet but is still considered attractive that can be hard to find for some. However, there are certain bespoke options available, something that is completely unique to the overall workplace design.


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