Management Profile

It is the efforts of our management team that we stand as the most recognized face in the recruiting and consulting field. Since the foundation of the company, our respected managing director has always been on our side and guided the path to attain excellent results in a short span of time. Initially, he started with a team of two; slowly and steadily, the business grew and reached the pinnacle heights of success. He made sure that every employee in the recruitment & consultant department is a sheer gem. Thus, our team consists of professional experts, who have years of experience and knowledge of this field.

Some of the prominent names are –
 1. Vijyeta Priya


Mrs. Priya is a well-qualified and brilliant lady, who represents the idea of an ideal modern woman. She is smart, quick and very clear about what needs to be done and what not. Being the operational head of the recruitment team, she handles all the communications with the client, developing business strategies, devising new ways to instill motivation in the juniors and attract more leads for the business growth.



2. Kavita Sharma

Another talented lady from our recruitment battalion is Mrs. Kavita Sharma. She is a post graduate from a reputed college and works as a senior HR consultant in our company. Her role is to train the new comers and guide her juniors to recruit the right talent for the client. She makes sure that our relationships with the employers and the candidates are mutually benefitting and sustain for a long period of time.

3. Sandeep Gupta

Mr. Gupta is synonymous with a multi-tasking and dedicated employee, as his contributions in the growth of our company, are tremendous. He works as a grievance handling manager, who also dedicates his time in the recruitment and interviewing of the shortlisted candidates. All the internal issues or any grievances from clients’ or candidates’ end are sorted out by him, in a smooth manner.



4. Rahul Sharma

Last but not the least; Mr. Sharma is one of the purest talents that we have onboard with us. Being from a technical background, he is very well versed about what basic skills are required for a job applicant to fulfill the client’s present as well as future needs. Henceforth, all the technical hiring or recruitment for client (be it from language or non-lingual profile) are done from his end. He makes sure that the client is happy and satisfied with the results.

Apart from these biggies, we have other professionals as well, who combine their efforts to drive productivity, excellence and avant-garde results. The secret of the success of any company lies in the potential of their team; and we are blessed enough to work with an enthusiastic team that never fails to perform.

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