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Address your complex workforce challenges with Contract Staffing Services India that help you get access to efficient manpower for short or long term projects, seasonal placement and workforce management programs. Due to special projects, staff shortages and workload fluctuations, more and more companies are interested in contractual staffing, wherein the assignments can be as long as several years and as short as one day. Hence, depending on your needs, you can hire the employees for a specific time period, without having to bear the costs involved in hiring candidates, who work on full time basis. Since the past 12 years, we are delivering such amazing human resource solutions to our worldwide clients in different MNCs, global/ large scale corporations and non-profit organizations. So, if you are facing any sort of problems related to manpower, do get in touch with us.

Types of Contract Staffing Solutions We Offer

In today’s competitive world, the talent needs of global organizations are constantly changing. Hence, companies need to employ bulk candidates every now and then, in order to meet their multifarious organizational goals. However, this isn’t that easy; hiring employees on full time basis for every other project will simply add to your hiring cost as well as add unnecessary workforce that might not be feasible to meet long term organizational objectives. Thus, it is better to hire candidates on contract basis. As long as the project will continue, the candidate will work for you, without having to invest much in them. Here are some of the major types of staffing solutions that we offer to you –

Expat Management & Payroll Internships
Domestic recruitments Contingency Workforce Management
International recruitments Staffing for Fixed-term contracts
Traditional contract staffing Staffing for Zero hour contracts
Hourly/Day rates contracts Freelancers, consultants and contractors
Temp-to-direct hire Staffing for full/part time contracts
Staffing for family, young people and volunteers Retiree re-staffing

To put it in simple words, we provide you every possible solution that equips you with the right talent within a very short time frame. Sourcing the perfect ‘lot’ of candidates, who suit all your business requirements, is not that easy. However, it is not that haunting to us, as we are supported by highly talented experts, who have years of experience in recruitment and staffing industry. Our team helps you gain access to exceptionally skilled workers, from different specialization areas or industrial backgrounds. So, if you are looking forward to escalate the financial prosperity of organization, you are at the right place.

How Do We Put An End To Your Staffing Problems?

Employee absences, seasonal workloads, skill shortages and special assignments are some of the major reasons why companies invest in staffing. However, in such urgent situations, it often becomes difficult for the companies to hire the right candidate to the right job at the right time. This is the point where we come to your rescue. We unburden your company from all of your HR or staffing needs, thereby giving you all the freedom to focus solely on your core business objectives. As a result, you succeed in meeting your ultimate goals, under the guidance of skilled manpower. We help you in the following ways –

☞ Job Portals: This is one of the most common methods of procuring talented candidates from around the world. But, we are a bit different from others. Not just we use different platforms for candidate search, but also utilize a result-oriented job portal of our own that derives the maximum results for quick and quality search. In simple words, a talented manpower is recruited within a short time frame.

☞ Motivated Hiring Experts: A motivated team is the pillar to business success. Henceforth, we have a talented team on board with us, that is not just experienced, but also possess exceptional knowledge of unearthing the best of the best human resource within very strict time deadlines. They are basically self-motivated and can work under extreme pressure. Hence, your staffing problem instantly comes to an end with us.

☞ Global Network: Since our foundation, we have maintained a huge database of global candidates as well as Alumni from well reputed colleges or universities. As a result, we are today, equipped with a global network that has access to unmatched talent from every nook and corner of this mighty world. You name a profile or job role, and we have the right resource ready for you.

☞ Advanced Staffing Sources: When it comes to hiring or staffing for different roles, we get ready with our advanced sources that help us get closer to the ideal candidate(s) for the desired job. Majorly, we make use of classifieds and social media networks to spot the ideal candidate for your project needs. We believe social media is the biggest platform, where one can find anything, even human resources.

This type of staffing basically helps you stay focused on what you want to achieve within a limited period of time. Hence, our team screens, filters and scrutinizes a number of job applications that are found to be suitable for the desired job role. Eventually, you get hold of an exceptionally talented team that works towards the achievement of your goals. Always remember that finding the right set of short term employees (who work with full dedication, just like the permanent ones) is not that easy. Also, it involves huge investment of time, money and efforts. So, why don’t you lessen the staffing burden and delegate the said responsibility to us?

Dedicated Experts

We work with dedicated experts, who help you discover the right talent in your industry.

Guaranteed Hiring

We always look forward to quality and assured hiring, as it exactly what we promise to our clients.

Cost Efficiency

Our services are extremely pocket friendly and value oriented for every business.

Time Friendliness

Strictness towards time deadlines has always been a favorable attribute for us and our clients.

Core Success Strengths

Our strengths have always stood by us as the major success pillars. This is why we have been successful in accomplishing all of our goals within a short time period.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

While choosing a recruitment or staffing partner, one must be very specific about what his requirements are, as otherwise, you might end up with a wrong service provider. However, we won’t let this happen to you. Being one of the most renowned HR consultancies in India, we aim towards offering 360 degree solutions to our clients that include anything and everything related to HR. As far as staffing is concerned, you can be rest assured that you’ll be provided with unmatched solutions within the right time frame.

✓ Complete screening of job applications


✓ Document validation for specific position


✓ Selecting qualified personnel

✓ Rapid response for all recruitment need


✓ 12+ years of experience


✓ Bulk hiring in tight deadlines

Let our HR experts handle your manpower. By simply outsourcing your workforce requirements to us, you would be able to focus on your core business in a much better way. There’s a better chance of acquiring and retaining best talented people on short term and long term basis. So, grab it immediately. Email your query to

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