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Finding the best talent is what Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies in India Delhi NCR, strive for. This is the crucial stage which establishes a strong foundation for recruiters to look out for the ideal one who can meet not just their but their client’s expectation also whom they are outsourcing the workforce. Sounds quite simple, right?

If the recruitment task seems equally simple then every organization would love to do it but they can’t right. That’s one of the many reasons they hire recruitment companies because they know what traits this task needs for. This might look simple but one has to go for a long ride to get the one which he takes the charge for. This always requires the assistance of professional mind who have years of experience in identifying the real potential of the candidate by just look after the CV which demonstrates their previous personal and professional background. That’s exactly what our forte is where we expand our reach to attract the potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization.

Ideal Process We Follow

Recruitment is an essential part of the acquisition function of human resource management that undergoes a systematic procedure starting from sourcing the resources to arranging and conducting interviews and finally selecting the right candidates. To increase the efficiency of hiring, our HR team organization follows the five best practices which we break down as under which will give you an overview of our recruitment process:


1. Client Interaction

The first step is client interaction, wherein we interact with the client, understand his/her requirements, thoroughly discussed the nature of vacancies and plan the course of action accordingly. Our team makes sure that the client’s needs are understood precisely at the very first time to lay the strong base for our next step to screened the potential candidates from a pool of candidates.


2. Searching right Candidates

The next step involves searching the candidates, according to the specifications and requirements mentioned by the client. At this step, our panel of recruiter screen the application of aspirants job seeker and select the media through which vacant vacancies reach the prospective candidates. A complete database is maintained, applications of job seekers are filtered and few deserving candidates are called for an initial round of interview.


3. First Interview Round

The first round of interview is conducted by our team to see if the shortlisted candidates match the requirements of the employer. We generally examine their experience, basic skills and knowledge of the industry. Apart from these basics, we ensure they have a decent background in their previous company and doesn’t have any police complaints against them. Candidates’ profiles, which seem appropriate, are then shortlisted and recommended for a direct interview with the employer.


4. Final Interview Round

This is the stage to come to the conclusion where the candidates selected in the previous round, appear in this round for the final interview and decide who will win the battle of the interview. To this end, the employer judges the candidate on different parameters and if seems appropriate in every aspect, the candidate gets hired and gets a job offer with an attractive salary package.


5. Follow Up

Last but not the least, once the candidate signed his employment contract and begun to work in his new company, there is only one phase left. As a responsible recruiter, we undertake a follow up with both the employer and the candidate. This is done to understand and evaluate the satisfaction level of both the parties.

These five practices ensure successful recruitment process without any interruptions where we make sure that we justify the client’s specific needs that he looks after in his employee.

How Our Recruitment Approach Different From Others

Our interview process reflects our high standards, which is intended to attract the best and the brightest: passionate, talented people who highlight our commitment made to clients. We consider only that personnel who can justify our company values – result oriented, committed and go-getter attitude – at every step in the hiring process. The combo of these three traits in the candidates assures the lifetime dedication of a person.

Should I consider recruitment process outsourcing?

The entire process of finding and hiring new employees requires hours of dedication to screen multiple job applications which consume your business productivity hours. Or if –

● Your recruitment process is not producing positive results
● You are unable to find the best candidates for your organization
● Don’t have the time to screen hundreds of job aspirants resume
● your HR team isn’t large enough to handle such a massive process

Hire us once and get free from every burden of hiring the candidate who match up to your expectation and sees what exceptional team of workforce we get it down for you. We rely on industry expertise and guarantee the recruitment of highly productive, eligible and competent manpower for the organizations.

We will help to get the dynamic workforce to felicitate your organization reputation!

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