Experience Of My First New Job Right After My Engineering, Through AMCAT!

Ashutosh: “I personally suggest AMCAT to all the prepared candidates. AMCAT is a right and massive stand in our life where you will find your replies of the queries like ‘what organizations are exactly searching for?’ or even ‘What one should be aiming on to achieve a great job?’ or ‘What zones you should start working to make your future brighter and prosperous?’ I highly recommend it to all of the aspirants”

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Aspiring Minds: Say something about yourself and your career objectives.

Ashutosh: I am very cool and simple person, and love to enjoy every second of life as it arises. Even, I truly love to know and learn all creative and new things in the world as well as I am very friendly nature and more creative in terms of exploring new things every day in my life. Heading for career I have intention to observe my skills taking a right decision of my career that is completely fits to my profile and my skills too.


Aspiring Minds: What problems did you go through while looking for a job and how did you get rid of those complications?

Ashutosh: Well, the great thing of my life I am not very much nervous in my life and do not face any kind of difficulty in my career prospect. So, I am very much delightful for my career that has given me a new opportunity to take step forward to AMCAT.


Aspiring Minds: Now let us know about your great experience post providing the AMCAT examination and how AMCAT assisted you in achieving the job at Josh Technology Group?

Ashutosh: My journey towards the Technology Group was really superb and amazing where the great opportunity to arise my path through AMCAT. This long journey to this step is extremely pleasing for me and I will always remember. The day when I entered to this industry as a completely novice person and now I am well experienced in this field.


Aspiring Minds: Would you recommend other job searchers to take participate in AMCAT? If yes, why

Ashutosh: Again there is no doubt in it and of course my answer will be always yes and will willingly recommend it to all job applicants. AMCAT is a right place where everyone can prepare themselves and perform a great work as well as you will come to know your exact potential “what organizations are actually looking for?” You will also come to know your right job description that can help you in every aspect of life. Just believe me, I highly suggest it to all of my new aspirants.


Aspiring Minds: Would you like to share your opinion and guidance to us which can truly assist other job searchers in achieving a perfect job?

Ashutosh: Yes, many things to say to all aspirants that make prepared yourself every time because when and what time the best jobs will knock your door you even don’t know this. You just don’t know when a great opportunity will come to your home and take you to peak height of life. To be a successful you must be true to yourself, so, that you will easily grab the position you want. Also give your resume a right way to impress the manager and add all extra activities that you have done in your past life. Always be honest and very practical. These are things that can help you to get a job quickly and achieve your goal immediately.


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