Workplace Investigations Services

Allegations of misconduct or grievances can be sought out by Workplace Investigations Services India offered by the topmost Workplace Investigations Companies in Delhi and other major regions across the country. Owing to the increase in the number of cases of ‘inappropriate workplace behaviour’, global organizations are in a dire need of these services today. Hence, backed by a professional team of experts, we stand as the ultimate solution for all of your workplace investigation needs. Right from informal complaints to complex and formal investigations, our team guides you throughout and ensures that the internal workplace investigations are sound. We believe that the working environment gets unproductive, if the matters of grievances are not managed through a transparent and fair process. Hence, workplace investigation holds great importance for you.

When to Outsource?

Investigating the workplace atmosphere is very important. But, not all organizations are aware of this. Hence, one must be aware of the situations, when outsourcing such services becomes highly important. Broadly speaking, you should look for these services when a complaint regarding bullying, alleged harassment or any kind of discriminatory behavior is made. In such cases, you cannot and must not make an informal response, as you (i.e. the employer) can be liable for any misconduct or bullying behavior. Apart from this, you must look for such services, if –

Your company does not have the apt resources or skills available
Your internal HR team is unable to undertake or execute the investigation process objectively
The case involves senior employees

Areas of Expertise
Our professional team of Workplace Investigators helps an organization in different areas, such the following –

Adverse action
Theft and Fraud
Allegations related to Workers Compensation Claims
Performance Management
Workplace Health and Safety
Bullying or Harassment
Harsh Treatment
Grievance Procedures
Workplace Misconduct

Logical Approach

Our team consists of Employee Relations professionals and senior HR persons, who follow a logical approach to offer impartial, fair workplace investigations.

Identify the allegations
Identify material legislative obligations
Review professional standards, organizational policies, industrial instruments, codes of conduct and employment contracts
Verify information, provided as fact
Make a detailed investigation report
Provide detailed debrief to the client, after the completion of investigation

Advantages of Outsourcing to TridIndia HR

With transparency and procedural fairness as the major pillars of workplace investigation, we ensure that you get excellent services to meet your requirements. Hence, outsourcing to us can be an advantageous deal for your organization. Here are some of the benefits to outsource our services –

Years of experience in this field
Experienced and professionals experts on board
Work for both private and public sector employers
Help you minimize risk and avoiding any kind of unlawful dismissal action
Impartial assistance with no relationship with the alleged parties
Aim towards complete satisfaction

Promote a Sound Workplace Behavior

If you are facing issues of inappropriate behavior, harassment in your organization, it is the right time to be serious and outsource our services. We help with effective measures to promote a fine working environment. So, get in touch with us today at  drop an email at

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